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Polaris RZR S Axles -Stock Length -Rhino Brand

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Item Weight: 15.00 lbs.
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Polaris RZR S Axles
Will Fit:
Polaris RZR S : 2008+

To ensure the highest quality and performance, Rhino Brand Axles are made from Heavy-Duty 4340 Chromoly Steel, one of the industry’s strongest materials. This creates an excellent strength-to-weight ratio for these heavy-duty axles. Along with being significantly stronger than other axles, Rhino Brand Axles can operate at up to much large angles. Generally after a lift kit or larger tires are added OEM axles are not up to the task of handling the bigger angle. This often leads to the weakening and eventual breakage of the axles. Rhino Brand Axles are engineered to have larger shafts and CVs making them able to handle these extreme angles. Not only can they handle the pressure from bigger angles, Rhino Brand Axles perform exceptionally well under the stress of high-powered motors and aggressive tires. These axles have proven themselves again and again and can withstand the test of some of the most intense riding.

Axle orientation is the same as if you are sitting in the bike. (Driver's side is left, Passenger side is right).

Be sure to check out our Steering Stop Kit. It is designed to help prevent tire rub by limiting the amount of steering wheel turn. Also helps to save your axles by preventing too hard of a turn when reversing under hard throttle.

We offer a 1 year warranty on all RHINO Brand axles.

Rhino Brand Axle
Available Axles:
How to Identify Your Polaris ATV/UTV by Serial Number

1st digit 2/3rd digit 4th digit 5th digit
6th digit 7th digit
R = Ranger

C = Sportsman 6x6
D = Sportsman Tour
E = Trail Boss
F = Sportsman Youth
G = Sport
H = Ranger 6x6
K = Sport Youth
M = Sportsman
N = Trail Blazer
P = Phoenix
R = Ranger Midsize
T = Sportsman X2
U = Ranger Fullsize
W = Multi-pass RGR
X = Multi-pass RZR
Z = Sportsman XP

A = 2x4 Chain
B = 2x4 Shaft
C = 4x4 AC Shaft
E = 4x4 Shaft / IRS
G = 4x4 Chain
    Rear/Shaft Front
H = 4x4 Shaft/IRS
J = 2x4 Swing Arm
N = 4x4 Shaft ADC
P = 2x4/IRS Manual
R = 6x6 Shaft/IRS
T = 4x4 Shaft/
    Trailing Arm
X = 4x4 Shaft EBS

Displacement in cc
divided by 10 and
rounded to two digits
(i.e. 50 = 498cc)
For electric vehicles
08 = 48 Volt
12 = 72 Volt
5 = 550
6 = 570
7 = 760
8 = 850
9 = 875
D = Diesel
F = D + E
* = digits that would transfer to 17 digit VIN and are used in digits 4-8 respectively
** = 9th digit will be used on color/features versions of models (not including the base)
First 3 digits and 9th digit are used in model number only. They are not used with 17 digit VIN.

Polaris Vehicle Fitment Guid
Clay Coleman

polaris Rzr 800 (2011)

Robertsdale Alabama

Review of Polaris RZR Long Travel Axles +4/5/6/8/10" -Rhino - by: Clay Coleman
When I called to order axles with yall.At the time I had 2 broke front axles on the rzr. I had know idea what size lift I had on my rzr because I had just purchased it.I had got 2 different answer from the guy I bought it from guess he really didn't know.So I called the company the lift was made by, and they had acted like I was bothering them I knew right then it was Goin to be a headache.Then got to lookin an realized it had Yalls rhino axle In it.So I waited a couple days an then decided to call yall.And i had already had my mind set that the person that picked up the phone was not really Goin to have time to help me or really want to try figure would be like I was bothering him or her...But i was wrong the man that help me actually took the time to help me figure out what lift I had.Some awesome customer service . Since then i have shared my story an opinion about yall to to my other riding buddy's and people I have met looking for parts.I would like to thank yall for taking the time me an get my parts to me with in a reasonable time.I will make Superatv the first place to call to order all my aftermarket needs ..Thanks Clay

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Polaris Ranger Crew 800 (2011)


Review of Polaris Ranger Crew Axles (2010+) -Rhino Brand - by: 17Dealer1
If you lift your Ranger, this is a must. You will burn up your factory axles. They should be included in a basic 2" lift kit.

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Todd M.

Polaris RZR 800 (2010)

Wheeler Texas

Review of Polaris RZR S Axles -Stock Length -Rhino Brand - by: Todd M.
I have been using Rhino axles for a couple years now. They are great! Never a problem, other than I somehow tore a boot completely off and I felt like the cv joint was compromised due to sand getting into it. I decided to replace the entire axle. That way I know it is all good and now I have an extra cv joint and boot from the other end that was not damaged. I will continue to use Rhino axles. Very satisfied with produce, customer service and quick shipping.

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Polaris Busa-4 (09)


Review of Polaris RZR S Axles -Stock Length -Rhino Brand - by: Chris
With a Hayabusa powered RZR I knew I needed the strongest axle with the most articulation. Rhino axle

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Polaris Rzr s (2014)

Lake charles

Review of Polaris RZR S Axles -Stock Length -Rhino Brand - by: Corey
Broke the 2 rear cv's on my rzr so I replaced my axles with these , just came back from mud nats and they held up like a champ and I'm always the one to hit the hole first ,I ended up breaking a front stock cv and will be ordering 2 more rhinos for the front def worth the money just wish the shafts were alittle thicker

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