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Bad Blood

Behind the wheel of our Bad Blood custom build, riders become warriors, and racers become champions. The Bad Blood is built for battle with our latest cutting-edge parts and accessories, so you can go from killing the hills to ravaging competition on the racecourse.

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Long Travel Kits

For this battle-ready, rock-bouncing build, we’ve designed a custom 3” long travel kit. Our Bad Blood long travel kit is built for superior UTV suspension, smoothness, and shock absorption when waging war on the whoops or terrorizing the competition at the track. Our long travel kit comes with all the components necessary for easy installation and aggressive all terrain performance.

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Transmission Gear Reduction

As a vehicle built for blood-pumping battle, our custom-built Bad Blood doesn’t sacrifice a single ounce of horsepower thanks to our Gear Driven Performance (GDP) transmission gear reduction system. With the outstanding performance of our GDP transmission gear reduction kit, your UTV will muscle through the mud, conquer the rocky ridges, and crush the competition on the trails or at the tracks, just like Bad Blood.

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Rhino Axles

Made from heavy-duty Chromoly steel, Rhino Brand Axles were used on this custom build to provide an incredible weight-to-strength ratio, perfect for handling the added stress from the lift kit and tire modifications.

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Beadlock Wheels

Tough enough to handle what Bad Blood dishes out our beadlock UTV wheels are a must-have companion to your Assassinator, Intimidator or Terminator tires. Cast aluminum construction and menacing black satin finish mean these beadlock wheels perform as good as they look.

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Dave Griffin Lead Prototype Tech superATV

“One thing that impressed me most about the Bad Blood was when we caught the speed and hit those whoops, it didn’t feel like you were hitting anything at all–the suspension was absorbing everything. We’re punching the throttle, and you just feel that immediate power of the turbo... and with our clutch and ECU on top of it, it’s just incredible.”