When it comes to clearance, Bad Habit is no slouch. We started with a 6” GDP Portal Gear Lift with a 45% gear reduction. We then installed a 6” lift on top of portals thanks to the unique way portals give lift without changing suspension geometry. Extra height means room for bigger tires — we used 37” Assassinator Tires giving us a total of 16-inches more ground clearance than stock.

Nobody’s gonna say it’s not tall enough.

But you're just another (very) tall UTV in the crowd if you don’t add some style.

The one thing you can’t miss when you see Bad Habit is the clear polycarbonate custom wheels. They’re striking, and they let you see straight through to the portal hub, rotor, and box itself — something you never get to see in motion with a traditional wheel. When the angle’s just right, it’s like it’s rolling on air.

Bad Habit is packed — from the custom wrap designed to match the paint job, to the LED whip lights and under glow lights. The custom roll cage and engraved polycarbonate roof make this build look as tough as it performs. With 2 ProBox 10” Pro-II towers and a 200W amp, we can blast sound like a rolling rock concert.

Get a Sneak Peek of Bad Habit!

Check Out a Sneak Preview of SuperATV's custom built 2018 Can-Am Defender for SEMA 2018-Bad Habit. T00H00M41S SuperATV's custom built 2018 Can-Am Defender for SEMA 2018-"Bad Habit. https://youtu.be/LZCSLmbjQdg 2018-10-30 https://www.superatv.com/media/wysiwyg/cms_bad_habit/BadHabitVideoStill3.jpg
UTV with Lift Kit going down rocky path

It’s got Rhino 2.0 Axles, 37” Assassinator Tires, and a 45% portal gear reduction. It’s built like a tank to tear through thicker, nastier mud, and the snorkel kit lets it go deeper. The massive tow hook and front and rear Black Ops Winches mean it can pull out riders that are in over their head no matter how stuck they get.

It’s finished with front and rear diamond plate bumpers and aluminum half doors. It’s the best-looking powerhouse we’ve ever built.