This $149.95 Part Will Save Your Ride

We're at it again with another massive custom build that pushes the machine to its limit. We put a lot of work and a lot of parts on this Ranger XP 900 but there's only 1 part that makes or breaks this build, and it's probably not what you're thinking of...

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Here's Everything on our Massive Honda Pioneer Build

Honda Pioneer 1000 mud build

Hot off the heels of SuperATV's over the top Turbo mud build, we've got a 2017 Honda Pioneer 1000 ready to tear through some serious mud holes. Just like our Turbo build, it's made from only off-the-shelf SuperATV parts. If you want this build, it's easy to get. Here's the full breakdown.

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All About Preassembled A Arms

Preassembled a arms

What's the big deal with preassembled A Arms? They take out most of the work required to replace your A Arms. Simply put, we press in new ball joints, install new UHMW bushings, and adjust the pivot block length to match stock specs.

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We Built a Mud Monster, and Here's How We Did It

SuperATV Mud Build

Are you ready for some insane mud riding? Do you want a monster machine that can't be stopped? Do you want to stand above the crowd (and in the mud)? We did, so we took one of our favorite machines, the 2017 RZR Turbo and decked it out with all the best SuperATV parts to make it the the perfect mudding machine that can't be topped.

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Mud Tires for Any Style—And We’re Giving Away a Set!

There's something magical about mud. We know it's special from a young age when we're drawn to it, and we, in our dad's oversized rain boots, run pell-mell through the deepest mud hole we can fine. Our boots fill with mud, our hair is caked to the roots, and we end up walking home barefoot—our boots lost to the sucking mud. But we have no regrets. A few of us haven't forgotten that magic of mud, we just play a little differently now, and we play a little harder.

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Top 10 Instagram Posts of January

We've got our first batch of instagram pictures from 2018! Looks like you guys are doing less snow riding than I would have guessed but there's still plenty of mud and lots of nice modifications like those full cab doors on that Ranger. There are a lot of good Assassinator Tire pics this month too. Apply directly to mud for best results! And with bigger tires come Rhino 2.0 axles and a Portal Gear Lift. You guys have got it all!

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Employee Spotlight: Justin Eaton, Design Engineer

Would it surprise you if I told you one of SuperATV's design engineers has gotten his wife to go into labor by taking her creek crawling in his RZR? No? What if I told you that if he didn't cut his teeth designing bath tubs, you might never have gotten some of SuperATV's most defining parts? That's Justin Eaton for you, and there's no way you can accuse him of thinking inside the box. He found an uncommon path to SuperATV where he helps bring some of our most ambitious projects to life.

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