What's so great about GDP Portal Gear Lifts? Here are the top 7 things you should know about portals.

Depth finder portal header

We like portal gear lifts and so do you. Here are the top 7 frequently asked questions and details that you should know. cad model of portal gear hub

7. They come with everything

As with any kit you buy from SuperATV we send you everything required to get going. It comes with brake lines, bolts, castle nuts, plates, steering arms, brake caliper adapters, hubs, rotors and everything else you can think of that you might need. Of course it comes with the portals too.

6. Thrust Bearing

Dpth finder getting rowdy
Depth Finder getting rowdy on a set of portals
Each portal box utilizes thrust bearings for the input (where your axle goes in) and the output (where our drive shaft turns the hub). It's a first for the industry. A regular bearing would wear quickly or implode due to the weight of the machine. Our thrust bearings can take the weight and whatever else you throw at it.

5. Better Portal Boxes

These portal boxes are doing a couple things you might take for granted. First of all, they're made of 6061 aluminum. That makes them very sturdy but that's not too surprising. We've also made them 4" wide so that you don't have to cut your axles to make them fit. Just plug and play!

4. Domex Plates

We make all the plates (the spindles and the bearing carriers) out of Domex. Domex is a special steel alloy that has much better strength properties than carbon steel. It makes for a super-tough back bone to the portal boxes.
universal hub

3. Universal Hub

This thing's pretty cool. We made a single hub that's compatible with 4/110, 4/115, 1/137, and 4/156 wheels. You can put whatever stinking wheels you want on this thing! *As long as they match the 4" requirements at the bottom of this page or the 6" requirements at the bottom of that page.

2. Precision Ground Gears

Our gears are what separates the professionals from the imitators. It changes this thing from a good enough portal to a must-have portal. We didn't invent portals, but these gears go a long way to perfecting it. They're made of a chromium titanium alloy that are precision ground for less friction which gives you less heat, less noise, and less wear.

Inside look at the 4" Gear Driven Performance portal gear lift...

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Posted by Super ATV on Thursday, August 3, 2017

1. Gear reduction

This is half the reason you want one of these. Obviously you want a lift that doesn't put your axles at crazy angles but you also get a big, fat gear reduction. You get a 30% gear reduction with 4" portals and a 45% gear reduction with 6" portals. This boosts your torque A LOT. So you can run some big, honkin' tires and they'll still feel like stock. This does reduce your top speed a bit but ask any racers running them and they'll tell you it's not enough to affect their race performance. The extra torque does, though. Your wheels will turn no matter what you're climbing over. Gear reduction

Hopefully you feel enlightened now that you've read through all 7 things to know. If you have any more questions leave a comment. Otherwise you should follow the blog and head over to SuperATV.com to check out all our awesome portal kits.