Introducing 8" GDP Portal Gear Lifts

Introducing SuperATV's NEW 8 Inch Portal Gear Lifts

The next evolution of portals is here. SuperATV's 8" GDP Portal Gear Lifts raise the bar and come with some new features that make them better than ever. At 8" tall, they're the tallest UTV portals you can get, and they come with all the quality and support that comes with the SuperATV and GDP names. Apart from the height, we've made some other improvements. Let's take a look.

A Look Inside SuperATV's 8 Inch Portal Gear Lifts

1.5" Forward and Rear Offset

The backing plate on our 8" portals is rotated a couple degrees from vertical which gives you a 1.5" forward and rear offset. That makes your wheelbase 3" longer overall and gives your machine tons of room for bigger tires and more stability when climbing hills or crawling over nasty obstacles.

Gear Reduction

8" portals have a 45% gear reduction. That's the same gear reduction found in our 6" portals. Not exactly a new feature, but I bring it up because 8" portals give you a TON more clearance than 6" portals do. The 2 extra inches plus the 1.5" offset give you room for huge tires. If you have 8" portals installed on an otherwise stock RZR Turbo, you can fit up to 40" tires. That 45% gear reduction will really come in handy spinning those monsters.

Sealed Drive Gear

We've redesigned the drive gear for 8" portals. The drive gear is the gear the you insert your axle into, and we've changed the seals so that this gear seals against the inside of the box instead of sealing against your axle shaft. Why does that matter? If you had a dirty, beat up, or scratched up axle, the old-style gear could have a hard time sealing against your axle surface. This could, in some instances, allow oil to leak out (or let dirt in) around your axle. With our new style sealed gear, it doesn't matter how crappy your axle is—it will stay sealed. They'll stay sealed even if you decide to use a tree branch for an axle.

O–Ring Gasket

We use an O–ring gasket to seal the two halves of the 8" portal box. This gasket seals around the perimeter of the housing and around each bolt hole. It sits in a nice little machined groove that ensures it stays in place even when you're really abusing your portals. It's simple and super effective.

Every time we do something new, we consider it an opportunity to do something better. We're always learning, always improving, and always evolving. This is one step toward making riding UTVs and ATVs even more awesome–and we won't be stopping any time soon.