All About Preassembled A Arms

Preassembled a arms

By now, you guys must know that SuperATV likes to impress. We're constantly improving everything we make and always trying to make every experience you have with SuperATV and its parts better. We'll mount your tires for you before we ship them out, we assemble our windshields so you can get them on faster, we made super duty axles accessible with Rhino 2.0s,  and we've revolutionized the portal lift scene with Gen 2 Portals. Well now we've got another new feature to make your life easier: Preassembled A Arms.

So what's the big deal with preassembled A Arms? They take out most of the work required to replace your A Arms. Simply put, we press in new ball joints, install new UHMW bushings, and adjust the pivot block length to match stock specs. We do roughly 90 minutes of labor pro bono, and we throw in a free set of UHMW bushings—all you have to do is pay for the ball joints and bushings.

What do you mean by Preassembled A Arms?

I know, you took one look at preassembled and said "I thought all A Arms came preassembled. It's not like I have to weld them together myself." Well you're in the right spot. Let's talk about what that means.

Normally you buy a set of A Arms from us and we ship you just that, an A Arm. Then you begin the arduous task of removing your OE A Arms from your machine, yanking out the bushings one by one, and pressing out all the stock ball joints. Then you get to go through the same process again in reverse to put all that stock stuff into those shiny new arms you bought from us. Finally you dial in your camber, tighten everything up, and they're installed! It's not the smoothest process in the world, so we came up with an easier way for you to get your replacement A Arms on the machine with less work on your part.

preassmbled a arm diagram
Like this, only better

So, when we say preassembled we mean that we press new ball joints into the A Arms, we install new (and free) UHMW bushings into the pivot blocks, and we adjust the pivot blocks to match stock spec all before boxing them up and shipping them to you.

Is Preassembly a Free Upgrade?

Yes and no. You pay for the ball joints but we will install them, adjust your pivot blocks, and give you installed bushings for free. You get free labor and free bushings just for buying ball joints. It's a pretty sweet deal. Plus you don't have to go through the pain of buying a press, finding a buddy with a press, paying somebody with a press, or, God forbid, using a hammer to smash your ball joints in. We've got a press. We actually have a bunch of presses, so trust us with your ball joints.

Also the shipping is free—don't forget that part.

How Do I Get Preassembled A Arms?

This is the easy part. Any A Arm that we offer preassembly on (right now we've got them for the RZR 1000/Turbo standard and forward offset) will have a drop-down menu next to where you select your color. Select what kind of ball joints you want and presto! You've got A Arms complete with ball joints, free bushings, and perfectly adjusted pivot blocks on the way to your doorstep! You should allow an extra day (more on weekends and holidays) for delivery when you order preassembled arms.

Do I Want SuperATV Bushings and Ball Joints?

Yes, obviously.


Heavy duty ball joint
It doesn't look all that different but trust me, it's beefy
OK, I guess it's not that obvious. For you to understand why you want SuperATV bushings and ball joints, you first need to understand what your OEM A Arms are rockin'. Stock comes with HDPE bushings which are fine, for a while. They tend to get sloppy faster than we would like, though, so we make our bushings out of UHMW. UHMW has incredibly low friction and is self lubricating thanks to its composition, so our bushings would have incredibly good wear characteristics on those features alone. But the kicker is that UHMW is indestructible. I'm serious, I've been around this stuff a lot and it barely even gets any superficial scratches, and I have never seen a crack or puncture in any UHMW item. You can expect these UHMW bushings to outlast your stock bushings by a very wide margin.

But let's talk about ball joints for a minute. You can get preassembled A Arms with stock replacement ball joints or with our heavy duty ball joints. And let's face it, if you're ready to upgrade your A Arms it's probably time to replace those stock ball joints as well. Our heavy duty ball joints are made with a hardened 4340 VAR steel stud that makes it twice as strong as your stock steel stud.

The whole package will certainly outperform any stock setup. You can count on your preassembled A Arms to last you a very long time, and save you from that dreaded down time.

So head on over to and get started! This is probably the best deal you've seen all day!

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