Adrenaline Junkie Prod Put Our Products Through the Wringer

Six UTVs in the grass with mountains in the background.

We like to talk a big game about our parts and our service. We believe we’re making the sport better and helping you get more out of your UTV with every product we release. But why should you believe us?

We recently got an unsolicited email from Julian Jasinski of AdrenalineJunkieProd, whom we sponsor, and we’ve decided to share it with all of you. When we say we’re always improving and always innovating to make the best parts for you, you don’t take our word for it.

Here’s what AdreanalineJunkieProd has to say about what we do at SuperATV:

We just want to start off by saying thanks so much for the continual support your team shows our team and our YouTube Channel. It means a lot to have the backing of industry leaders like you.

"We've Been More Than Impressed with All of Your Products."

UTV with SuperATV Lift Kit Installed
A lot of our viewers are big fans of your brand and use many of your products.
We've always loved your products and would be proud to represent your brand online and everywhere we go for yet another season. We also know that a lot of our viewers are big fans of your brand and use many of your products.

We hope you’ve had a chance to check out some of our videos as our group runs a ton of your products, from suspension components to tires. Your team played a huge role in getting the #TeamAJP 2017 RZR build battle ready last season and we've been more than impressed with all of your products. We’ve put them through a ton of abuse, and they have been able to handle everything thrown at them.

We are currently in the process of refreshing the RZR for next season and are now designing a new vehicle wrap and color scheme for the RZR.

"That Was Pretty Impressive!"

Black A Arms covered with SuperATV stickers
We got almost 2000 miles out of the original set of uni-balls/studs and the rod ends on your HD steering setup.
In reference to the SuperATV parts that we've currently been running, the pivot block pulled out of the threaded section of the lower arm after about 2000 miles of abuse. We always thread lock the jam nuts on lower arms and check them often because we know they are prone to loosening under the harsh conditions they live in.

We’ve had that one passenger side rear jam nut loosen on us twice in the past even with thread lock, yet none of the other 3 have ever had that issue. We always preach how top-notch your customer service is and we’re sure you’ll take care of this problem without issue.

On a side note, we got almost 2000 miles of hard use out of the original set of uni-balls/studs and the rod ends on your HD steering setup. In our opinion that was pretty impressive! Also, replacing the uni-balls/studs was a real breeze. We were really happy with how easy maintenance was on the arms.

Rhino 2.0 prop shaft on metal table
The joints in rear radius arms stood up to two seasons of abuse, and they’re just starting to get worn out.
We’ve also recently run into some issues with the stock prop shaft. We’ve been running your billet carrier bearing assembly for about 2 seasons now with excellent results and we're sure it’s helped extend the life of the stock prop shaft a ton. However, all the U-joints in the stock shaft are now destroyed and so is the front yoke. We don't want to rebuild the stock shaft again as the OEM u-joints suck and the OEM components like the yokes are not the best quality. Not to mention, they are severely over priced for the quality of product you get.

We would love to upgrade the entire prop shaft assembly to something more reliable at which point we are also planning to service the internals in the front differential and hopefully strengthen them a bit. Also, the joints in rear radius arms stood up to two seasons of abuse, and they’re just starting to get worn out.

"We Always Recommend Your Winches."

We've been running your 4500lb winch for two seasons, the wireless remote stopped working a couple of months ago, so we reverted to using the backup toggle switch. The solenoid then began getting sticky and would not always engage the winch so we replaced it with a different winch solenoid we had. With that being said, the winch still pulls hard and has gotten us and fellow riders out of some serious situations countless times. We frequently get asked what type of winches we use and we always recommend your product. It is one of the most common questions we receive.

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"Rhino 2.0 Axles are the Best Choice on the Market."

We’ve had a ton of luck with your Rhino 2.0 axles as well, however, on our trip down south in December we tore the inner boot off one of the front axles. When the boot ripped off the axle it was our fault, not product failure. However, we drove it two full days with basically no boot in some pretty bad conditions and the CV joint itself still looks and feels fine. We were all really impressed it did not fail. We were thinking we would just replace the boot and see how much longer it holds together but it might be better to replace the affected CV joint assembly with a replacement joint, which we recently noticed your team sells. We could then keep this axle as a spare after replacing the boot.

We’ve had a ton of luck with your Rhino 2.0 axles.
We've had a ton of luck with your Rhino 2.0 axles.
We already carry a stock rear axle with us on one of your spare axle cage mounts. From a consumer’s perspective we think it's awesome your team sells the individual components necessary to rebuild these axle assemblies.

The only question we get asked more than what winch we run is which axles we recommend. We have tried a lot of various aftermarket axles in the past, however, we've sworn by the Rhino 2.0's ever since a few of the guys got them. Many of us had run your original Rhino brand axles in the past on our machines with great luck too. Many of the riders in our core group run Rhino Brand axles with excellent results. We recommend these axles to everyone and often stress that when you factor in the price, warranty and overall quality of your Rhino 2.0 axle, it is the best choice on the market.

"Everyone That Sees It Loves It."

We have to mention, one of the best upgrades we have ever done to the #TeamAJP machine is your full protection kit. Everyone that sees it loves it and we have really used it hard. There are multiple videos in which it visibly saves the machine from severe damage on the trail. We've even rolled the machine with it installed and it saved all of the body panels and did not break or sustain any serious damage. We would love to upgrade it even more with the over hood bars and the rear support bars you offer. We get tons of questions about it and everyone loves how tough it makes the machine look.

Once again, thanks for the support and the time.

- Julian Jasinski, the teams at AdrenalineJunkieProd and Royal Distributing

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