All About Offset A Arms and What They do for You

Here at SuperATV, we have a variety of A arms available for your consideration. We have boxed A arms, tube A arms, high clearance A arms, and offset A arms. It can be a lot to think about. Right now I'm going to talk about the most important A arm feature to consider: 0" and 1.5" offset A arms.

But now you're wondering: what are offset a arms? What does '1.5" offset' even mean? And why would I want it? Why wouldn't I want it? The quick answer is there are two huge benefits to them—a longer wheel base and the ability to run larger tires with no lift. But, let's get into the nitty-gritty of what makes offset A arms great.

What Does Offset Even Mean?

The offset is the distance these arms move, or rakes, your hubs forward (or backwards for rear A arms) compared to stock. A 0" offset doesn't move the hub at all; it's the same as stock. A 1.5" offset means that the hubs are moved 1.5" forward compared to stock. You can tell the difference in the offset in the pictures below by comparing the ball joint hole to the shock mounting location. This makes your vehicle longer, more stable, and gives you more room for larger tires.

Zero offset A arm
Zero offset A Arm
offset A arm. You can tell it's offset because of the position of the shock mount bracket
1.5" offset A Arm

Do They Lift My Machine?

No. A lot of people see '1.5"' and 'high clearance' and think oh, these A arms give me 1.5" of lift. Maybe you want a lift or maybe you don't. Either way, forward offset A arms have nothing to do with lift. They make your vehicle longer not wider or taller. They are called "high clearance" because we've designed them to have a higher profile—the bends in the A arms give much more space between your vehicle and the ground than stock A arms do. They will clear debris your stock arms won't despite even though our high clearance arms don't give you any lift.

Why Would I Want an Offset Then?

There are several benefits to offset A arms. First of all, having a 1.5" longer machine (or 3" longer if you get front and rear offset arms) makes your machine more stable. This stability is key to rock crawling and hill climbing. If you're in a tricky rock garden or climbing a steep rock ledge, you'll have a much easier time keeping your front tires down and pulling, and you're much less likely to flip over backwards. The same goes for hill climbing where you can really attack a hill with confidence so you can worry about where you're going instead of worrying about tumbling back down to where you've been.

Bad blood using Offset A Arms to climb a bounty hill
Offset A Arms make climbing this hill easy for Bad Blood

The second major benefit of moving your hubs forward is the extra space you get for large tires. 1.5" forward can give as much space for larger tires as a 1.5" lift. Many people opt for the offset A arms for this reason alone. And technically, your machine will be further off the ground if you put bigger tires on it. Combine it with a small bracket lift and all the sudden you're rocking some massive tires.

They pair well with Portal Gear Lifts in this regard since portals maintain your factory axle angles. A portal gear lift plus offset A arms open you up to a world of possibilities when it comes to tires—and you can keep your stock axles. That's pretty neat.

The only real downside with offset A arms is that they reduce your turning radius slightly. And I mean very slightly. You may or may not notice a difference.

What About My Axles?

A drag race car with 12 foot offset A Arms
Somebody should put 12 foot forward offset A Arms, but then
you wouldn't be able to turn. And you'd probably have to
settle for a straight axle, or a really long prop shaft.

You do not need to worry about your axles with our offset A arms. Our veteran engineers, prototype team, and quality team go to painstaking lengths to ensure that our A arms work with stock axles. We've made sure there is no rubbing or binding of the axle.  And besides, the largest offset we offer is 1.5". You're not turning your UTV into some kind of weird dragster all of a sudden. Your stock axles will be just fine. (OK you got me. We have +4" rear trailing arms for the Commander, but those still work with stock axles. We do recommend Rhino Brand axles for the increased CV angle though.)

And that's really all there is to it. They're a nice easy way to make potentially big changes to your machine. When you're ready, head over to and check them out for your ride!