Burning it up at Brimstone

Mud, Merch, Music, and... Tornados

Brimstone's White Knuckle Event is not your average off-road event. Sure, Brimstone has over 300 miles of trails through the gorgeous Cumberland Plateau region of eastern Tennessee, as well as plenty of mud, rocks, and hills to challenge any rider. That's enough to make it a worthwhile bullet point on any dedicated rider's bucket list.

But at the White Knuckle Event, the folks at Brimstone went out of their way to bring a community of riders together to have fun and make merriment with live music every night, karaoke, obstacle courses and so much more. It really is an event all about cutting loose and having fun.

And we were so happy that SuperATV could be there to make new friends and have some fun. It was a great event! Even if inclement weather interrupted some of the festivities.

More trails than we can handle

We've said it before and we'll say it again: SuperATV is made up of enthusiasts. We spend our weeks pushing pencils and writing emails so we can get out to events like this on the weekend.

Quite a few of us got to get out there this year. We had people from all over the company leaving their work behind and just having a good Memorial Day Weekend tearing up trails.

SuperATV Brimstone White Knuckle Event
The gang's all here under ominous skies.

SuperATV Brimstone White Knuckle Event
Looks to me like Jordan was "spotting" by whipping out his phone and snapping this picture.

Awesome Diversity

Justin is a design engineer by day and a bearded Brimstone bandit by night (and weekends.) Can you guess which one he is in the picture above?

He brought his 2017 RZRXP to Brimstone with our 12% gear reduction, Stage 2 Rev1 Tune and clutch kit, Boxed Radius Arms, Rhino 2.0 axles, and a Skid Plate.

"It was my first time to the park and let me just say WOW!  I loved the trail diversity and picture perfect scenery.  For an event that’s said to bring thousands of enthusiasts, the trails were not over crowded at all.  My favorite part was launching up a hill and nearly rolling back down.  Thankfully Jordan and Zach were there to spot me back down."

SuperATV in the mud at Brimstone White Knuckle Event
Getting stuck in the mud in the dark while a tornado threatens the area isn't usually a great time, but these guys made the most of it.

The picture perfect scenery cannot be overstated. Brimstone is packed with overlooks that give grand views of the of Cumberland Mountains just a few miles away.

"Brimstone is an awesome place to ride, we didn’t even touch all the trails they had to offer." Jordan is one of our dealer reps and on his very first outing to Brimstone he brought his 2017 RZR 1000XP with 1.5" forward offset high clearance A arms, front & rear bumpers, nerf bars, a tinted roof, full windshield, aluminum lower doors, and our UHMW skid plate which he says is a must have for the trails at Brimstone. You can count on seeing him back at the White Knuckle Event next year.

Zach is a design engineer and is another first-time visitor to Brimstone. He had a lot of fun and was impressed by the trail diversity on offer.

SuperATV Brimstone Whiteknuckle Event
We brake for snakes... especially the ones that could kill us.

"My experience at Brimstone was great as it was my first time there. We rode everything from slick rock creek beds to slate covered sides of the mountains and even had a run-in with a certain slithery reptile.

"I was in my RZR 1000 XP equipped with our new rear trailing arm paired with our new tube style RSL’s and they performed flawlessly. I found myself in several sticky situations where the +1” allowed me to maneuver the rig without rolling it over.

"The most useful thing I brought was the flip up windshield. It was great for when we had to road ride to the trail, where the dust was abundant. Times like these I would flip the windshield down and drive on with no delay. When we would get to the trail I would flip the windshield back up without any delay making the experience completely hassle free."

The scenery and the 300 miles of quality trails bring people back year after year. Trace is a quality engineer that manages to find time to ride nearly every weekend. He's a Brimstone veteran and he has yet to get bored there. He always takes the hard route.

"Brimstone will always be an event I will circle on my calendar. I enjoy seeing everything from the great views, to climbing up technical rocky trails to get to the top of the mountain. I ran a RZR 900S with a SATV conversion, high clearance forward offset A Arms, SATV full skid plate, and EZ Steer power steering. This combination made it easy to get over those big rocks and deep ruts. I was never worried about bending an arm or ripping off my skid plate. EZ Steer made it a comfortable ride on the technical trails. Our group broke axles, skid plates, and A Arms. All of which were stock OEM parts."

SuperATV at the Vendor Village

SuperATV booth sat Brimstone White Knuckle Event

Needless to say, these guys had a lot of fun roaming all over Brimstone's 19,000-acre park over Memorial Day Weekend. But they weren't the only ones running around the White Knuckle Event. We were also getting you guys up and running all weekend.

Our booth was packed with people from dawn till dusk all 3 days of the event. Our heavy duty carrier bearing was a huge hit (apparently you guys know how to bust up the OE part) and you guys bought a LOT of axles. We could tell you were hitting the trail hard and having tons of fun.

But it wasn't all about SuperATV here at Brimstone.

The crowd from SuperATV's at Brimstone White Knuckle Event

There was plenty of live music to keep everybody entertained. Even if the final sets were postponed due to weather it didn't stop people from huddling up and enjoying some of the other acts on display. The general feel around the Half-Cabin was very friendly and positive. Everybody was there for the same reason: to have fun and hang out with friends new and old - to forget about life and work and focus purely on this hobby that brings us so much joy. Everybody at the Brimstone White Knuckle Event got to get out of their routine and get together with thousands of like-minded individuals. And for them, it was time well spent - even if it included some very questionable karaoke.

Till next year!

Brimstone's White Knuckle Event is always a great time. It's hard to beat those trails during the day and that music at night. If you didn't make it this year we really hope you'll make it next year. We know we'll be there, and we'll bring bigger and better machines to send down the trail. See you there!