Introducing SuperATV's New Handheld ECU Tuner

Our Handheld ECU Tuner is here!

Do you think your side-by-side is powerful already? Why don't you try taking the limits off your machine with our Handheld ECU Tuner and seeing what your machine is really capable of?

Picture this: you and your buddies are just pulling your 2017 RZR XP Turbos off of your trailers at your friend's farm. You've all got your own RZRs and you've just started adding some accessories. One guy just got a new light bar and he's turning off and on again. "Pretty bright, huh?" Another guy has new front and rear bumpers and he's polishing off a fleck of mud with his thumb.

You haven't told them yet but you have a stage 2 tune installed on your ECU. So you challenge them to a drag race; $10 down, winner takes all. In few minutes, your friends are choking on your exhaust and your wallet is little heavier. Just be prepared to give them all a turn in your machine after that.

Tuned turbo in action

With our Handheld ECU Tuner, you can see the results for yourself. And with the convenience of holding the tuner in your hand, you can swap between the tunes you own, or just return your vehicle to stock, in about 5 minutes.

What does the Handheld ECU Tuner Do?

Every side-by-side sold today comes with manufacturer limits imposed on them. These limits mean you can't accelerate as quickly or reach the maximum speed that the vehicle is capable of.

Our Handheld ECU Tuner changes those limits or removes them completely. In some instances, we have also tweaked the spark firing times and fuel injection to eek out every last bit of horsepower we can from your stock engine.

We've designed our tunes at 2 different stages depending on the vehicle. That means you have options. Stage 1 moves or removes some of the limiters on throttle and speed. Stage 2 further moves the same limiters and tweaks the engine.

Speaking of tweaking, adding a clutch kit will make you smile

We have designed our clutch kits to pair perfectly with our tunes. Check out our dyno results that compare a stock vehicle to one with a clutch kit installed and our ECU tune:

Horsepower comparison data from SuperATV's In-House Dyno

In case you didn't see it, that's 30 hp over stock with our Stage 2 tune and SuperATV clutch kit. Try not to grin ear to ear the first time you gun it after making that upgrade. I know we did.

But don't take it from us - here's what Hubert Rowland, Everyone's Favorite Redneck, from Nitro Circus had to say about it:

"The Rev1 flash is the simplest plug-in power gain you can get. No guess work, just plug in and boom more power you can truly feel with the numbers to back it. Who wouldn't want that? "

We have a swathe of clutches that have been carefully engineered to match your machine and our ECU tunes. We've optimized our tunes as best we can, but without proper clutching your power to the ground is limited. Our clutches match your riding style, so if you like mud we've got a clutch kit that accommodates that; if you prefer racing we've got a clutch kit that makes you go faster; and we've got clutches for climbing hills too (that's what we like to do around here.)

Check out our clutch kit breakdown video below that we recorded live on Facebook!

And the Handheld ECU Tuner lets you keep all your tunes in your pocket instead of shipping in your ECU for a new tune every time. So what are you waiting for? We've got tunes and clutch kits for the RZR Turbo, RZR 1000, Ranger 1000, General 1000, and more! So head on over to and check them out now! And be sure to check back here on the blog later this week because we'll have an in-depth look at how clutches and ECUs actually work. So stay TUNED! (sorry)