Cyber Monday Sales at SuperATV [2017]

Cyber Monday Sale!

Cyber Monday is almost here and SuperATV's got tons of stuff on sale until midnight Monday night! So head over to to save yourself huge stacks of cash on these deals!

ECU Handheld Tuners and Clutch Kits are each $50 off

ECU tuner We've got our awesome ECU Tuners and Clutch Kits both on sale for Cyber Monday. SuperATV's ECU Tuner is so easy to use your great grandma could do it and we've matched every tune to a clutch kit for whatever riding style you prefer. And on Cyber Monday, you can get $50 off ECU Handheld Tuners and $50 off Clutch Kits. Get both and you've got a match made in heaven, plus $100 off total. Check them out! It's a great deal on the best performance boosting combo you could dream of.

Tires and Beadlock Wheels are $10 off

beadlock wheels We're taking $10 off all tire styles. That's $10 off Terminator, Assassinator, and Intimidator tires! Get a whole set for $40 off. The same deal goes for SuperATV's Healy Fast Series Beadlock wheels—all sizes are $10 off. Now's the time to outfit your ride with that off road tread you've been craving. It adds up fast too; get a whole set of tires and wheels for $80 off total!

Black Ops Winches up to $50 off

Black ops winch If you don't have a winch, you need one! These SuperATV Black Ops Winches are awesome. They come with a wireless remote and a dash mounted toggle switch that can both be installed simultaneously. So for Cyber Monday, you're looking at $50 off our 5000 lb winch, $25 off our 4500 lb winch, and $20 off our 3500 lb winch. Get one while the gettin's good!

Don't Forget!

We've still got long-travel kits marked down $500, Gen 2 Portal Gear Lifts marked down $300, and 6"+ lift kits marked down $200 through Monday night at midnight! And we've got lots of other stuff on sale too! •Power steering kits are $20 off. •Cooler/cargo boxes are $15 off. •All seat belts are $10 off. We've also got some dirt cheap clearance items on the store.

Cyber Monday Sales are Ending Soon!

Monday is your last chance to get a hold of these great deals! So head over to and save yourself a huge wad of cash! See our interactive catalog below!