Don’t Settle for OEM A Arms

SuperATV Race Custom Build Riding in the Dunes.

OEM A arms are designed to hold onto your hub, keep your camber relatively stable through your suspensions full range of motion, and give your shock something to push against to give you a cushy ride.

That’s it.

They do the bare minimum to keep your RZR, Ranger, Maverick, Talon, or any other UTV functional. At SuperATV, we take this basic part and make it do way more than the bare minimum.

If you bend your OEM A arms, you better think twice before going back to the manufacturer for a replacement. Our A arms are stronger, so you don’t have to worry about them. Plus, they’ve got a few features up their sleeves that can make your ride better.

Here are 6 things our A arms do better than stock:

  • Strength
    Closeup view of UTV with orange tubed SuperATV A arms installed
    SuperATVs A arms are stronger than OEM and can stand up to harsher riding conditions.
    Our A arms are stronger than OEM. We simply increase the diameter of the tubing we use (and sometimes the thickness of the tube walls) so that they stand up to harsher riding conditions. Generally, the tubes in our A arms are 1/3″ larger in diameter than stock.

    Our pivot blocks and ball joint housings are made from chromoly steel alloy. Chromoly steel is stronger than the plain carbon steel used in your OEM arms, and when we beef up these key areas, it makes a big difference in overall strength.

    Some A arms for certain UTVs have the option for all chromoly steel construction. Chromoly steel is a special steel alloy that has increased chromium and molybdenum content to make it stronger than standard steel. It maximizes A arm strength

  • High Clearance
    All of our A arms are high clearance. That means the lower A arms are bent a certain way to maximize their ground clearance. Normally, your lower A arms stretch in a straight line from the UTV’s frame to the hub at an angle. That makes your A arms lower than your skid plate.

    Can-Am Commander with high clearance A arms installed climbing rocks.
    All of SuperATV's A arms are high clearance to maximize ground clearance.
    Our high clearance A arms position them as high as possible before bending down to your hub. They don’t change your camber or spring compression, and they don’t lift your machine. High clearance A arms just get out of the way.

    When your A arms don’t drag so close to the ground, you can ride over rockier, brushier, and just rougher overall terrain without banging up your A arms or getting hung up on stuff. It makes for a better, smoother ride.

    If you’re worried that those extra bends will cause a reduction in strength, allow me to refer you back to point number 1 above.

  • Adjustable Pivot Blocks
    Our adjustable pivot blocks are cool because they let you change the camber and caster of your UTV. Pivot blocks are what connect your A arms to your frame. They’re what lets your suspension pivot up and down as you ride. The pivot blocks on your stock A arms are not adjustable, and that’s fine for stock riding. As soon as you add a small lift kit though, your camber will be messed up. With a lift, you’ll get too much positive camber which will lead to bad tire wear and worse handling.

    Pivot blocks on a SuperATV tubed A arm
    Adjustable pivot blocks let you easily adjust the camber and caster of your UTV.
    Our A arms let you adjust your camber and caster. Add a lift and you can adjust them to get the steering feel you had before.

    Even if you don’t get a lift, adjustable pivot blocks give you more control over your ride. Give yourself a little more negative camber to get more traction around turns. Tweak your caster and get the perfect steering responsiveness you want.

    Still skeptical? Don’t worry—we send them preadjusted to factory specs so you don’t have to mess with them unless you want to.

    With adjustable pivot blocks, the choice is yours.

  • Forward Offset
    Most of our A arms have the option for a forward offset. Our forward offset A arms are a game changer. That’s because forward offset A arms can give you a huge amount of room for bigger tires without lifting your machine.

    Diagram showing how SuperATV high clearance A arms give you room for larger tires
    Our forward offset A arms give you room for bigger tires without adding a lift to your machine.
    They work by moving your hub 1.5” or 2” forward. Not up or down. This pushes your tire out from under your fender to give you more clearance to add larger tires. You can also get rear offset A arms for your rear suspension, but most of the time there’s already enough room for big tires in the rear and getting front offset arms is enough.

    A smaller benefit to offset A arms is the longer wheelbase they achieve. With a longer wheelbase, you’ll have more stability when going up or down hills so you’re less likely to flip end-over-end.

    It’s the best way to keep your center of gravity low, control high, and tires big.

  • We Pre-Install Ball Joints and Bushings
    Image of a hand installing a replacement balljoint on a blue tubed A arm.
    Some SuperATV high clearance A arms have the option to get new ball joints pressed in before we ship them.
    Most of our A arms come with free UHMW bushings pre-installed. In case you weren’t aware, UHMW bushings can’t be beat. They’re the ultimate bushing material because they’re incredibly strong and feature very low wear. They’re also self-lubricating so they run smoother the longer you use them. It’s a pretty good deal.

    Our most popular A arms come with the option to purchase new ball joints at the same time you purchase your arms. If you choose to get new ball joints, we’ll press them into your new A arms for you. That’s free labor, and who doesn’t want that?

    Between pressed-in ball joints and free installed bushings, you get one heck of a deal and it makes getting them installed easier.

  • Lifetime Warranty
    We saved the best for last: the lifetime warranty.

    Our lifetime warranty is pretty simple—you break it, we replace it. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first ride and a blown tire makes you roll over or if it’s 10 years from now and you smash into a tree. You break it, we replace it.

    The best part about having a lifetime warranty backing you up is that you don’t have to be overly cautious with your parts. You can ride the way you want to, keep the pedal down, and enjoy every bounce and jump you hit. We’ve got you covered.

Don’t Replace—Upgrade! Between strength, clearance, offset, free stuff, and a lifetime warranty, there should be no reason for you to go back to OEM. It’s time for an upgrade, and SuperATV has the A arms you need. If for some reason you’re still considering OEM, we’ve got just one question for you: Why?

Diagrame showing the product features on a SuperATV tubed high clearance A arm