Hit the Trail with Easton Corbin

Introducing the Easton Corbin Polaris General Custom Build

Destination Polaris is back in the SuperATV shop, and like clockwork, we've put together another awesome build. This time we had a special request: to make the ultimate hunting machine for country music star, the one-and-only Easton Corbin.

Easton's been making waves with his quintessential country vocals and melodies since he appeared on the scene in 2009. He's a country man through-and-through, so it was time for SuperATV to transform a 2018 Polaris General into a camo clad hunter's dream. Our goal was to make something striking and awesome at first sight, and something multifunctional and fun that the four-time gold single certified artist would be proud of.

Here's what we did.

Getting the General Up to Snuff

The Polaris General 4-seater is a tough machine. With 100 HP and 1,500 lbs. of towing capacity, it's not a bad choice for hitting the backwoods straight from the lot, but there were a few things it needed before it was up to SuperATV and Easton Corbin standards.

Making it Tough

Making it Tough
We made the Polaris General tough to give Easton extra protection when he's riding.

First, we had to give Easton's new General some protection, so we added our rear bumper and nerf bars as well as a one-off, custom front bumper designed to give easy access to our 5000 lb Black Ops winch. You can't go off in the wilderness without a heavy-duty winch to pull you out of trouble, and no winch does it better than Black Ops.

For real bulletproof protection, we installed our skid plate made with our proprietary ARMW material. Easton won't have to worry about sticks and stones coming up through his floorboards with this indestructible skid plate.

To protect Easton from branches that hit a little higher, we installed our hard-coated, polycarbonate, flip windshield. Polycarbonate is unbreakable at 250 times stronger than glass and the hard coating on both sides keeps it from scratching and scuffing. It can be fully open to let the maximum amount of air into the cab, vented to keep it cool while still providing protection from bugs and branches, or fully closed when the airs gets too chilly.

Making it Tall

Making it Tall
We gave it some lift with our 3" lift kit and clearance by installing our front and rear high clearance A Arms.

We weren't content to just make it tough, we had to give it some lift to make sure Easton can roll with it wherever he wants.

To give it the clearance it needs, we started with our 3" lift kit, then doubled down on clearance by installing SuperATV front and rear high clearance A arms. Not only does the unique design of these arms help the General clear brush and rocks without getting hung up, but they also come with a lifetime warranty.

From there, we slapped 30" RT Warrior Tires on our Healy Fast Series Beadlock Wheels. RT Warriors do some serious earth crunching with a one-of-a-kind tapered pyramid lug, ejector ribs, and heavy siping. It's the most advanced tread on the market, and it looks good, too. With all that traction, the ride is smooth whether Easton is all over the woods or all over the road.

So how did all that affect his clearance? The General 4 has 12" of clearance from the factory. With high clearance A arms, a 3" lift and bigger tires - Easton's custom General is up to 18-1/2" of clearance. Not too bad.

It's a good start for a custom Polaris General 4, but we wanted to make it a little more country than that.

Getting it Hunt Ready

Getting it Hunt Ready
A camo wrap, racks and a cargo box were added for Easton's hunting trips.

The first step to getting this machine ready for some backwoods hunting was to give it some visual obfuscation. For that, we chose a woodland camo wrap. From tail to tip, we made sure to cover every surface with camo.

A hunter needs to be able to haul his kill, right? We included two racks on Easton's machine: one over the bed and one on the roof so there's plenty of storage for trophies and supplies. The roof rack has 40" light bars in the front and flanking 12" light bars built right in for omnidirectional illumination.

We wanted to give Easton a perfect place to keep decoys and spare ammo, so we removed the rear passenger side seat and replaced it with a cargo box. Two racks plus a cargo box mean there's plenty of room for deer and turkeys on the racks away from the ammo, decoys, food, clothes, drinks, and whatever else he might need to store in the cargo box for his next expedition.

Finally, we took the whole roll cage, racks and all, along with the bumpers, nerf bars, A arms, and even the shock springs, and powder coated them brown to match the woodland camo wrap. From top to bottom this machine is ready for any hunting adventure Easton wants.

Sound Worthy of a Country Star

Sound Worthy of a Country Star
We added ProBox speakers and a compact mixer so Easton can put on a show anywhere.

As you can imagine, Easton's got some pretty high standards when it comes to the speakers on his machine. We had to go big, so we went to ProBox.

We installed 4 Pro-II 10" tower speakers on the rear cross bar and another 4 Pro-II speaker drivers in the bed using a custom fiberglass bed box enclosure. The 1000 Watt Bluetooth enabled amplifier means Easton can control the music, volume, and LED color (oh yeah, every speaker has integrated RGB LED lighting) right from his phone. We also installed a wheel-well RGB LED light kit from ProBox that syncs with the Pro-II speaker lights for one eye-catching light show. Not to mention, it's all waterproof. Awesome.

Are you with Me so far? It sounds perfect for a country singer, right? Well, not quite.

Easton is a performer, so we wanted to let him perform. We included a compact mixer that lets him whip out a guitar and mic anywhere he wants and let his dulcet country pipes fill the air. With enough wattage to fill a concert hall, he can put on an awesome concert anywhere he wants - complete with a light show.

Hitting the Trail

Yup, it's one awesome machine for the country singer that knows how to make use of a kitted out UTV like this. With this one-of-a-kind SuperATV custom build, he can ride, hunt, and jam easily. Doing all three at the same time might be a problem, but we know Easton can't help but say "lovin' you is fun" while he rides through backwoods Tennesse - tunes up, rifle at the ready, and guitar strings twangin'.

Hitting the Trails

Watch a Sneak Preview of the Destination Polaris Episode!

Watch the Trailer! Check Out a Sneak Preview of the Destination Polaris episode featuring SuperATV's custom build for Easton Corbin. Catch a Sneak Peek on Destination Polaris! Check Out a Sneak Preview of the Destination Polaris episode featuring SuperATV's custom build for Easton Corbin. 00:39 Catch a Sneak Peek on Destination Polaris! Check Out a Sneak Preview of the Destination Polaris episode featuring SuperATV's custom build for Easton Corbin. https://youtu.be/so6bQomVxPk 2018-07-23 https://d1qlem0usjr5s.cloudfront.net/media/wysiwyg/honda-pio