SuperATV's Training Program is Unlike Any Other

SuperATV's Training Program is Unlike Any Other

Over the last few weeks, SuperATV employees had the opportunity to go out on a ride at the privately owned Broomsage ranch in southern Indiana. The idea was to give everybody in the company a chance to see what SuperATV parts can do in action, how powerful these machines really are, and why people are so passionate about riding.

It was an awesome opportunity for the many employees who don't have a machine of their own or don't have many chances to get out riding with people who do. More than that, it was a chance to have some fun and enjoy the industry that SuperATV works hard to improve every day.

The ride itself was actually eight rides spread out over four days. We have quite a few employees these days, and not enough vehicles to go around. Splitting into eight rides ensured that everyone had the opportunity to get out there.

Each ride lasted an hour and a half and wound through steep gorges and across the shallow Graham Creek several times. It had a little bit of everything, hill climbs, water crossing, and rock crawls but all of it a little closer to the easy end of the spectrum—if you stayed on the trail.

Crossing Graham Creek
Crossing Graham Creek during one of the rides.

SuperATV Takes to the Trails

It was a huge success. A lot of people got their first taste of the wild terrain these machines are up against. Jennifer is a Quality Engineer who does some testing behind the wheel but has never actually been on a purely recreational ride before:

"It was interesting to see the different terrains these machines can be ridden on and how comfortable they are with the different products we have to offer. It showed us some of the products' capabilities."

Jennifer wasn't the only person who doesn't get to hit the trails much. Alan, one of our graphic designers, had no idea how awesome these machines could be.

"This was my first experience with UTVs and while I have ridden four-wheelers before, these are a new level of performance and experience. The hill climbs are where these machines really shined for me."

He walked away from the experiencing trying to work out how to add a UTV to his garage.

Dennis is a design engineer who put together SuperATV's RT Warrior. On the ride Dennis was on, a clamp broke loose on a 4-seater General which resulted in a drained radiator and limp mode. Needless to say, we got that machine running again and retired it to the trailer for the day. The quick mid-ride vehicle shuffle gave Dennis the opportunity to drive even though he wasn't one of the designated experienced drivers.

"Being in the driver's seat is a whole different beast from being a passenger," Dennis said. "When you're the one gunning it and fishtailing around turns, it just feels great."

SuperATV's Sponsored Race and Videographer Tyler Greves
Riding along with SuperATV's Tyler Greves

Dennis kept his eyes on Tyler Greves, SuperATV's sponsored racer and video producer extraordinaire. He was crawling all over the hills and creeks in Bad Blood but would occasionally come back to the trail to join the convoy.

"When Tyler came up behind me," said Dennis, "I did everything I could to keep him from passing. It was a lot of fun."

Olivia knew that Bad Blood would see plenty of action with Tyler behind the wheel. Olivia has plenty of UTV experience. She goes riding with her fiancé in their RZR 900 S every chance they get. She jumped right into the passenger seat of Bad Blood as soon as she had the chance.

"My favorite part was riding with Tyler! Hearing his stories and riding up some gnarly hills was beyond awesome. We almost got stuck, but Tyler's skills and our Warrior tires got us right out!"

A Look Inside SuperATV's 8 Inch Portal Gear Lifts
Employees were able to take on all types of terrain during the rides.

Your Low Talent Light is Flashing

We did have one low talent light start flashing. Erik remembers it fondly:

"It was pretty entertaining when Quinton's General broke down in the middle of that crazy tight hill trail.  There was no going forward or back, so the whole group was stuck.  Everyone came together to figure out why he was in limp mode.  Somehow, he had yanked the radiator hose off and overheated.  The hose was reattached, Harold gathered as many water bottles as he could find and filled up the radiator, and we were back on the trail."

Sorry Quinton, but at least you had Harold there to help you get rolling again.

Getting Back on the Trail
A detached radiator hose brought one ride to a halt but SuperATV founder Harold Hunt was there to save the day.

One feeling that was shared throughout the company regardless of experience was just how much it boosted everyone's perception of the industry, each other, and SuperATV.

Some people had the chance to talk to people they had never met before. Others got to see how the products they had tested or built stood up to heavy abuse.

Olivia sums it up the best:
"I am more than blessed to be able to work for such an amazing company. Not many people can say they took a half day at work just to go riding with the company - that in and of itself is AWESOME! Hearing everyone's stories and sharing the same off-road passion as others makes coming to work every day so easy."

That's SuperATV in a nutshell.

SuperATV Employees Prepare for Their Ride