Fast shipping from SuperATV - It's Not as Easy as You Think

We're always hard at work
We stack orders high on every trip through the warehouse.

SuperATV has long been known for fast shipping. We get stuff out the door the same day you order it and it gets to your doorstep in just a few days. How do we do it? Well, it sure doesn't happen by accident—it takes a lot of hard work and planning. But we've got it figured out as you can attest—we get just about everything out the door the same day it's ordered.

It starts with the people doing the work. Shipping doesn't sound glamorous but it really is the backbone of SuperATV. That's why the guys and girls running the warehouse are the best of the best. There's no room for apathetic or dispassionate workers in there. So, step one is making sure these guys and girls are on point. They're not the only key to fast shipping though. You can have the best workers in the country, but if we gave them an inefficient warehouse and a tedious shipping process, you wouldn't be getting your parts so quickly.

Luckily, we've got that all sorted out. And it's really not all that complicated. First we make sure everything in the warehouse has a sensible place to sit. All the lift kits go in one area, axles in another, and windshields in another still. With items grouped, our guys can easily keep track of where everything is.

Look at all them windshields
We have loads of products. Our guys have to move fast.

Now, these groups aren't scattered willy-nilly across the building. On the contrary, each type of product is considered individually and placed in an appropriate location. That means things like axles and windshields (which we sell a lot of) are placed very close to the loading docks. Other items that don't sell as quickly are placed farther away.

And it gives us a better chance of getting those very last minute orders out at the end of the day. I'm talking about when you place your order at the very end of the day (well after our advertised shipping hours), when the UPS or Fed-Ex driver has finished their pickup and is getting back in the driver's seat, we can usually still get that axle on the truck because they're right up front already.

All this allows the folks in the warehouse to divvy up orders quickly and easily so that they don't spend too much time traveling from one item to the next and to the loading dock. Their teamwork keeps everything running smoothly.

The shipping guys and girls are networked together
All our workers in shipping are networked together. They know exactly what they need to get and when to get it. We use technology to make our lightning fast shipping department even faster.

This is particularly evident when very large orders come through. At one point, our small shipping team was tasked with palletizing, loading, and scheduling the pick up of 400 tires. That's 22 pallets that have to be stacked with tires, wrapped, banded, and labeled—and they still had to get everybody else's orders out same day. This particular order came in on Wednesday and was out the door on Friday. Not too shabby.

That's all there is to it really. We've got some gadgets to help eliminate human error but overall it's a good simple setup that's driven by hard workers. So next time you order from SuperATV, don't take our fast shipping for granted. Remember it's not just anyone who can get it done. Oh yeah—don't forget, at SuperATV the shipping is always free.