Father's Day Deals that can't be Beat—Check out our Winches and Warrior Tires

Make your dad smile this Father's Day.

Father’s Day is June 18, and we’ve got the perfect gifts and perfect deals for your favorite dad.

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Nothing will put a smile on your pop’s face like a shiny new black ops winch or a set of new Warrior tires. Score some major points by getting him both!

Warrior Tires—All Terrain for All Kinds of Fun

AT and RT Warrior tires are, hands down, the best UTV tires we've ever made. They're a complex and perfectly balanced combination of rubber, tread, and design that makes them outperform every other tire we put them up against. We've spent thousands of hours here at SuperATV perfecting the tread pattern and carefully placing every sipe. What we ended up with is a unique, patent pending tread pattern that you won't find anywhere else that grips like nothing you've ever seen before.

Warrior Tires are our most advanced tires yet

RT vs AT Warrior

First of all, you've probably realized by now that we have 2 different Warrior Tires; the RT Warrior and the AT Warrior. The RT Warrior is our all-terrain tire with a focus on rock crawling. The AT Warrior is our DOT approved all terrain tire that will tear up short course and trails. The AT Warrior is right at home in the desert but doesn't disappoint anywhere. The RT and AT Warriors are very similar in design, but they're not exactly the same. They both feature our patent pending tapered lug design, as well as ejector ribs, and siping (more on those later.) They also share the same Kevlar belt package that makes them so sturdy in corners and off-camber situations, and they both have an 8-ply rating. The difference is simply in the lug spacing, layout and depth.


The AT Warrior is a DOT approved all-terrain tire unlike anything you've ever seen.

AT Warriors are DOT-approved and feature a 3/4" tread depth with closely packed lugs. The tight spacing between the lugs is the primary factor in making these tires DOT approved and that large contact patch (where the rubber makes contact with the ground) makes it ride smooth on roads and trails alike. It's the best DOT approved UTV tire we've ever used, and it takes from cruising on the highway to running through trails, gravel, mud, or dirt without missing a beat.


The RT Warrior is the perfect rock tire that still rips on any terrain.

RT Warriors are designed to be the ultimate rock crawling tire and features a 1" tread depth with widely spaced lugs. The tread pattern is also slightly different which makes it a force to be reckoned with off-road no matter what terrain you're faced with. Throughout all our tests the RT warrior has shown that it won't yield under lateral loads and has excellent forward grip in all conditions. The RT Warrior can handle any surface we throw at it from wet rocky roads and creek beds, to mud, dirt, and grassy pastures. https://youtu.be/3TWOerCOCug

Black Ops Winches—For those Sticky Situations

First of all, our biggest winch is a 5000 pound winch, and 5000 pounds is a lot of pounds. Do you know how much 5000 pounds is? Try this to get a sense of what we're talking about: get yourself a a little red wagon. Did you get a wagon? Good. Now get the biggest, fattest brown bear you can find. Next put that bear onto the biggest hippo you can find, put them both on the wagon, then give that wagon a pull. Can you move them? No? Well that's not what 5000 pounds feels like. To know what 5000 pounds feels like you'll have to lift that wagon, and its heavyweight occupants, over your head and hold them there. Now that you've been crushed into dust, you've got a good sense of what 5000 pounds really means.

So you didn't actually do that, but you can use your imagination. 5000 pounds is more than we can really fathom with our tiny bodies. If our 5000 lb winch can't get you out of your predicament, nothing will.

Winches for any machine

If the 5000 lb winch isn't for you, we've got other winches in our Black Ops line that will suit your fancy. If you're riding around on an ATV, you won't find much use in a 5000 lb winch (unless you've got some really crazy modifications. Send us a picture). You'd be just as well off getting our 3500 lb winch. The feature set of the 3500 lb winch is nearly identical to the 5000 lb winch with the difference being motor (3.2 HP) gear ratio (170:1) and rope thickness (6 mm).

ATVs are light enough that if you got it stuck in a deep mud pit or something, you could hook your 3500 lb winch rope to a (big) tree branch overhead and just pull yourself straight up into the air. I'm not sure what you'd do from there but at least you wouldn't be stuck in the mud anymore. Until that branch broke anyway. For the record, don't do that. It's a terrible idea.

If you're rocking a UTV that's not quite big enough to warrant 5000 lb winch, or you don't ride in extreme situations where you might get your machine stuck in some ridiculous way, you can save a few bucks by picking up our 4500 lb winch. That'll get you out of most situations where you might get stuck just working on the farm, patrolling an event, maintaining your property, or just riding casually.

Our Black Ops Winch can get you out of anything you're stuck in

All of our winches also work with our Plow Pro Snow Plows which require a winch to operate. You might not be thinking about plows in the dead of summer, but you probably should think about them before it starts snowing.

So head on over to SuperATV.com to get your favorite dad that winch or Warrior tire set that will make his year. Just be sure to pick up a winch mounting plate while you're there.