SuperATV's Maverick 3 Inch Long Travel Kit. Take a Look.

SuperATV got its start making lift kits and long travel kits. We've expanded quite a bit since then and are known for much more than just suspension kits. But we still know how to make them, and we're making them better than we ever have before. Some of you may not know that we recently released our 3" long travel kit for the Can-Am Maverick 2013-2016 models. It's one upgrade that will turn your Maverick into a full-on cornering monster and let you drive a tougher line with perfect stability. And it's available for turbo and non-turbo Mavericks. This kit will give you a 6" wider wheel spread - 65.5" total in the front, 64" total in the rear -  and it comes with 4 Rhino brand axles. It's everything you need to boost the stability and drivability of your Can-Am Maverick. It also facilitates those big tires you need for all your chest deep muddin' excursions. Fit up to 35" tires on non-Turbo Mavericks and 36" tires on Turbo Mavericks.

Bulletproof Suspension

SuperATV Can Am Maverick Turbo +3 Long Travel kitWe set out to make the best A arms available for this kit. They are high clearance which shouldn't come as a surprise considering we haven't sold a standard clearance A arm in years. These arms give you 1.5" of extra ground clearance. As usual, they come with upper adjustable pivot blocks so you can get your camber set just right for your vehicle. What's more impressive is that they have a slick, durable boxed design and are made from a heavy duty, 3 mm steel plating called Domex. It's the strongest steel we can get our hands on so we made these A arms the strongest you can get your hands on. We also use this material to further strengthen the A arms with internal gussets. From the inside out these A-arms are designed to be as strong as possible. We've also upgraded the ball joints on this kit. Gone are the noble OEM ball joints that have turned in a workmanlike performance over the years; in are SuperATV's heavy duty Uniball Stud and housing. These studs are 130% larger than stock  and are made with a carefully engineered and tested heat treating process that makes them 400% stronger than stock! Trust us: we've broken hundreds of different ball joints, both on the trail and in our leading edge R&D lab. The rear A arms on the non-Turbo kit are 1.5" offset to give you more stability and control, but we've left the front offset at stock so you don't lose your steering radius and you don't have to install steering stops. Finally, a nice suspension conversion that doesn't handle like a boat! The wheel travel has been increased as well. With this long travel kit the front and rear wheel travel has been bumped up to 13", giving you a smoother ride experience overall. But strength is the order of the day when it comes to a big suspension overhaul like this. That's why we didn't just focus on the A arms when building strength into this kit - we made the radius arms and tie rods with a hex bar design to beef them up. Not to mention they look pretty sick and are bound to turn some heads. The radius arms also feature newly designed misalignment bushings for smooth travel within the tie-rod end. That means comfortable, dependable steering. [gallery ids="2093,2092" type="columns"]

Ride forever!

So we've established that this kit is strong and it's got some smart design decisions in terms of drivability. It comes with everything you need plus one more thing - a Lifetime Warranty. This covers all your A arms, radius arms, and tie rods. Lifetime warranties are great because it's almost like we're daring you to try and break it. We're not actually daring you to try and break anything, mind you, but we do want you to abuse the crap out of this kit and have as much fun as possible. So don't sweat it - just ride. This kit is available in black, white, yellow, and Can-Am Red so no matter what your look, you can get this kit to match your machine. And it's available for turbo and non-turbo Mavericks. So go check this SuperATV +3 Long Travel kit for the Can-Am Maverick now!