Guest Post: SlikRok Productions

We asked SlikRok Productions to give us a recap of their time at Rally on the Rocks in Moab. They have a unique flair for style and are all about making our hobby look good. Take a look at their gallery below and then go check out, and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And you need to subscribe to their YouTube channel! I can say with confidence that they have some of the very best side-x-side footage out there.  Now here's what SlikRok Productions has to say about the 2017 Rally on the Rocks in Moab: I have been having a hard time trying to figure out how to sum up this year’s Rally on The Rocks into a single blog post. I am sitting here going back through all the footage and I find myself grinning from ear to ear. But before I tell you why, I need you to know that my biggest fear with what we do is finding that balance between control and chaos because one equals success and the other equals disaster. I like to look at it more as a balance of the two. A state of controlled chaos where man is one with his machine, knowing its abilities and limitations, knowing when he can push it farther or knowing when to back off and reassess.  The machine is only as capable as its driver and man is only as capable as his machine. Knowing both the abilities and limitations of one’s self and one’s machine makes the state of controlled chaos possible. I had many moments this week where I knew I could push it farther and on the flip side of that there were moments when I had to step aside. The only way I know how to prepare myself for these situations is two things, experience which comes from time in the seat and having someone more experienced than me to learn from. You must have full confidence in your machine, and the products you choose to put on it plays a big role in that. IMG_0125All of us here at SlikRok are constantly looking for new products that will allow us to elevate the sport, to take what is possible to the next level. Finding that next product that becomes a game changer is what we are all about. A lot of thought, testing, and time goes into the process of choosing which products to run on our rigs. We run SuperAtv High Clearance Forward Offset A-Arms because they hold up to the abuse we subject them to and we can adjust the camber and caster. We also run SuperAtv HD ball joints and Hd Tie rods. The biggest game changer for us was when we decided to run the SuperAtv 4” Portal gear lifts. Without fail we have always broke axles and burned up belts out on the trail. Since we have been running portals we have not broken a single stock Polaris axle or burned up a single Polaris belt. That in and of itself speaks volumes. If you have watched our videos, you know that we don’t hold back or take it easy. These products are extremely well built and we have not had any issues or problems with failures. We are picky when it comes to our machines and will only promote products that we know will NOT leave you stranded on the trail. We had the opportunity to spend some time with the owners of SuperATV while we were at Rally on The Rocks and I can't say enough good about them. As we sat there and talked, they both kept asking us what can we improve, what don't you like, what would you change to make that product better.  They are so focused on improving their products because they want to offer only the best to their customers. That attitude and focus resonates through their whole company and especially their customer service. So, having just ran some of the toughest trails Moab has to offer and being able to do so without breaking anything and sharing this trip with the best friends a guy could ask for is why I sit here grinning from ear to ear as I recap what we just accomplished. [gallery ids="979,980,981,982,983,984,985,986,987" type="rectangular" link="none"]