Guest Post: SlikRok Can't Keep Their Wheels on the Ground in Sand Hollow, Utah

SlikRok Productions is back yet again with another guest post. This time they cover their outing to Sand Hollow, Utah. Their YouTube video posted at the end sums up their trip nicely. I don't know if I mentioned it before but these guys are based out of Utah, which means they've got some of the most gorgeous riding country in the world right in their backyard. So be sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep up-to-date on all their builds, rides, and destruction. Now check out this video from their Instagram to get you started:
We took our 3rd trip to Sand Hollow, Utah earlier this year. This ride is one for the history books. We had more carnage in this one trip than any of our other trips combined. I know that sounds horrible but let’s put something out there. We are constantly building our machines to become better, stronger, trying to always take them to the next level, and by doing so we are pushing them to their limits of what they can handle, and what they can achieve, hell even what we as drivers are capable of. Rolling over is inevitable with the kind of riding we do. We build our machines to use them, not to sit on a trailer. We spent 3 epic days riding sand dunes, washes, and the one aspect we crave, rock crawling. This was the 1st ride I used my new drone and was really happy with the footage we were able to capture. Anytime I can give a new perspective of this sport, I will jump at the opportunity. The drone has done just that. This was also our first trip out running our SuperATV 4″ Portal Gear Lifts, and you want the honest truth, here it is. I will never own another RZR without portals. We didn’t break one factory axle, or burn up one factory belt. For us that is very very rare. The 30% gear reduction relieved so much stress throughout the whole drive train. Oh and by the way we are running 34″ tires! The added ground clearance made typical obstacles easier and allowed us to stretch outside our comfort zone and try harder and more difficult obstacles. A big concern was what were we going to lose off the top end and that concern was quickly put to rest when I still hit 65 mph with ease. I am running a 2015 XP1000 and it pulls harder off the line than a new stock turbo. That is no exaggeration. These portals are designed and built so well. We have not had a single issue up to this point, and we will keep you posted if we do. Thank you for reading and as always reach out to us with any questions! Check out the video and see for yourself!