Hauling Your Trailer in Style—Classic GMC and Chevy Trucks

Here at SuperATV we talk a lot about the time we spend in the garage and on the trail. It's all about giving our machines some hot upgrades then taking them out for some real world abuse. Here in southern Indiana, we sometimes travel hours or even days to get to that ride park that we're so excited about. With so much time on the road we want to make sure we're hauling our favorite off-road machines with our favorite on-road vehicles. Most of us have a Jeep or truck of choice that we use for hauling, but SuperATV fan, Michael White, takes it to the next level by using his beautifully restored and customized GMC and Chevy trucks for the job. And boy are they gorgeous. The silver truck on top is a 1966 Chevy K10 350 v8. A '66 Chevy is a rare find, and this one is in excellent condition and dressed to the nines. It sports a 4" lift kit, 38" Maxxis Creepy Crawler tires on 14x15 wheels, and has a fuel injected engine. SuperATV Chevy GMCThe black truck on the bottom is a 1987 GMC K1500 350 v8. It's complete with a 4" lift kit and 38" Toyo MT tires on 15x14 wheels. A lot more work went into restoring this beast but the results shine. It's an awesome looking ride for sure and turns heads everywhere it goes. Not to be outdone, the UTVs these trucks are hauling are pretty killer too. That RZR Turbo is decked out with a SuperATV Full Protection Kit, Rhino 2.0 axles, and Atlas Pro forward offset A arms. The cab is suited up with a flip windshield, rear windshield, lower doors, and a roof. To top it all off, it's rocking a SuperATV ECU Tune and Clutch kit to turn those AT Warrior tires and Healy Fast Beadlock Wheels. SuperATV Chevy GMC That Maverick X3 is no slouch either. It's sitting pretty on Intimidator tires with Healy Fast Series Wheels and high clearance A arms. It's lifted with a 4" GDP Portal Gear Lift and protected with front and rear SuperATV brush guards. It's finished with a pair of SuperATV whip lights. Altogether we've got an incredible convoy that's sure to impress on and off the highway. Heads will be turning everywhere these monster rides go and they don't disappoint when you're behind the wheel either. So watch out for these machines the next time you go out and remember, whether you're on the road or on the trail, you can ride with style.