Here's Everything on our Massive Honda Pioneer Build

Honda Pioneer 1000 mud build

This 2017 Honda Pioneer 1000 has been reborn as a work/play mud dominator

Hot off the heels of SuperATV's over the top Turbo mud build, we've got a 2017 Honda Pioneer 1000 ready to tear through some serious mud holes. Just like our Turbo build, it's made from only off-the-shelf SuperATV parts. If you want this build, it's easy to get. Here's the full breakdown.


When you do mud, you want some serious clearance. There's no better way to get stuck in the mud than to let your belly drag through it. To make this working man's machine into the working man's mud dominator, we needed clearance, clearance, clearance. So first things first: let's lift this beast.

6" Lift Kit to Ride High

Honda Pioneer 1000 6 inch lift kit We started with SuperATV's Honda Pioneer 6" Lift Kit. It comes complete with front and rear A Arms with SuperATV Uniballs and studs preinstalled, our gusseted Z-bend tie rods, and lift brackets—all of which come with a lifetime warranty by the way. And of course it comes with a set of +6 Rhino brand axles. You're not going to get too far running stock.

What we're after here is clearance, though, and that's what we got—17-1/2" of clearance to be exact. It's a good start, but if we're going to be waist deep in mud, we'll need to go even higher.

6" Portal Gear Lift for Bonus Torque and Tires

Honda Pioneer 6 inch Portal Gear Lift How do you go higher when you've already got a 6" lift installed? Easy, with a Gen 2 GDP Portal Gear Lift from SuperATV. For this build we went with the 6" portal gear lift because we wanted that 45% gear reduction and the extra 6" of clearance. That brought us up to 23.5" of clearance, but there's more to portals than just lift.

That 45% Gear Reduction means we can turn bigger tires through thicker mud easier. The proof is in the pudding (er, mud) and this Honda pulls through the thickest peanut butter mud like they're are hot knives through butter. These portals are no joke.

Intimidator Tires—More Than a Mud Tire

SuperATV Intimidator Tires Remember when I called this the working man's mud dominator? Maybe I should have called it a mud intimidator because we put 36" Intimidator tires on 18" Healy Fast Series wheels. Intimidators are top-of-the-line mud tires featuring deep lugs and an aggressive, self-cleaning tread pattern.

The thing about Intimidators is that they love to rip on every terrain, not just mud. We can get some work done around the farm, then head down our favorite mud trails without compromising our traction anywhere. No matter what surface you're driving on, Intimidators get the job done.

By the way, with these 36" Intimidators installed, we have 28" of clearance now. That's more than double stock and gives us tons of room to play in the mud.

Even a Beast Needs Protection

This thing is gonna get messy—that's why we made it—but we still want it to look pristine when we spray it down at the end of the day. That's why we made sure to get some serious bumpers and brush guards to keep our Pioneer 1000 in one piece.

Our Front Brush Guard Takes it on the Nose

Honda Pioneer 1000 front brush guard We protected the front end with custom bumper that gave us room for a 12" LED light bar and a 4500 lb Black Ops Winch.

If you're building a mud monster for yourself, you can use SuperATV's front brush guard for the Pioneer 1000. This brush guard is perfect for the job for a few reasons. For starters, it's made of 1.75" diameter tubing, so it can hand some hard hits. Next, this really is a complete front brush guard, meaning that it covers the who front end including the lights and grill. If you take some hard hits from weird angles, as you tend to do when you're mud riding, your Pioneer 1000 will stay dent free.

Finally, the front brush guard has room for our 4500 lb Black Ops Winch which we never go riding without. How else are our buddies supposed to make it through all these mud holes?

Rear Bumper for Towing Our Buddies

Honda Pioneer rear bumper Our rear bumper gets a lot of work done too. It gives our Pioneer some extra protection and provides us with 2 clevis tow hooks, all while allowing us to continue using the dump bed and tailgate. Those tow hooks are really handy for pulling people out of the mud who didn't quite upgrade enough to make it through.

Finishing Touches

We're not quite done yet. There are a few more things we added that make this Honda Pioneer even better for hauling hay, flinging mud, and everything in between.

Full Windshield and Tinted Roof

We had to have some nice polycarbonate on this machine—how else are we supposed to keep all that mud out of our teeth? We grabbed SuperATV's scratch resistant polycarbonate full windshield and tinted roof. We wanted to keep the elements out, and you won't find more elements anywhere else than on a nice trail full of mud.

Our full windshield and tinted roof are perfect for mud because they're scratch resistant, so they won't get scuffed up, and they're polycarbonate, so we couldn't break them if we tried. When you're going big and going hard, you need windshields that are as tough as the rest of your machine.

It's a Beast

That's everything we put on our Pioneer. It'll make your knees weak if you're not the one behind the wheel and you can you can bet we have a ton of fun riding it. Check out our full video below and head over to where you can everything you need to turn your own machine into beast.