Introducing SuperATV's Warrior Tires—Sign up to win a set!

Warrior tires are a new breed of tire. Here at SuperATV, we couldn't settle for the same old lug pattern and design that's become the norm in UTV industry. We're always pushing the limits, always innovating, and always moving forward. And Warrior tires represent a radical leap in design to bring you the best grip, the best clean out, and the best ride wherever you decide to roam.

A Tire for Every Terrain

We are riders just like you—we face all the same challenges you do when it comes to picking good DOT approved tires and good rock crawling tires. At least we did until we decided to build the AT and RT Warrior. Now the choice is simple: it's Warriors all the way. RT Warrior Rock Crawler For the guys and gals taking their UTVs on the road that were stuck with slippery street tires we made the AT Warrior—a DOT approved UTV tire that stands up to the best all-terrain tires available. For the rock crawlers whose tire selection is stuck in the stone age we made the RT Warrior—a close cousin of the AT Warrior but optimized for rock crawling and an even more aggressive all-terrain tire.

We Put Warrior Tires to the Test

Our SuperATV riders have been testing Warriors all across the country for months. We've taken them through the California desert and all over the slick rock of Moab. We've climbed mountains in Tennessee with them and spent plenty of time with them here in the Ohio River Valley. It doesn't matter where we take them or what we do with them, they always grip and they always rip. Warrior tires are unbeatable. We're glad to finally have the best rock tires and the best DOT approved all terrain tires on our machines, and we're sure you will too. Warrior Tires

We're Giving Away a Set of Warriors!

We're ready to set Warriors loose on the world, and we're so excited about them that we're giving away a full set to one lucky fan. All you need to do is fill out this entry form. While you wait for us to announce a winner live on Facebook on January 14th, make sure you keep your eyes on, Twitter, Instagram, and the Team SuperATV blog for more info about Warrior tires and why they're the smartest tires we've ever made.