Moab Must-Haves

When we were thinking about what we wanted to do at Rally on the Rocks in Moab, we knew a stock vehicle wouldn't quite cut it. We wanted a vehicle that could handle every bit of eastern Utah's rocky desert terrain. So we took a stock 2017 Polaris General 4 1000 and threw some of our best machine protection, suspension, and accessories on it to make sure we got the most out of our visit to Moab. [gallery ids="624,635" type="rectangular" link="none"] Here are the top 11 pieces of gear we added and that you need to crush the rocks at Moab.

11: Mirrors

Sometimes it's the most basic stuff that gets forgotten first. So don't forget to put mirrors on your vehicle! You certainly don't want to be the guy who unwittingly cuts off another rider that's trying to pass (hopefully you don't do too much damage) but side view mirrors are also surprisingly handy when navigating rock gardens. You could hop out and check your tire placement every time your passenger rear tire gets hung up on something, or you could just check your mirror. SuperATV General 4 Custom Build Mirrors  

10: Tinted Roof

Let's not forget that Moab is in the desert. The one thing I'm sure you can find a lot of in the desert is the sun. Before this year's Rally on the Rocks, I would've said you can find heat in the desert too. We protected ourselves from the sun (and also heat theoretically) by outfitting our General with a tinted roof. It'll keep you cool and sunburn free. SuperATV General 4 Custom Build tinted roof

9: Tinted Half Windshield

In Moab, the albedo of the desert terrain can be fairly high at times. That's why we grabbed a Tinted Half Windshield for our General. It keeps the sunlight reflecting off the surface out of our eyes and helps deflect sand and rocks that are heading face-ward while still letting in enough air to keep you cool - which is helpful in our imaginary hot desert. SuperATV General 4 Custom Build Tinted Half Windshield

8: Nerf Bars

Nerf bars are an obvious choice for when you want to do some rock crawling. It's a great way to keep rocks from grinding away the molded plastic on your vehicle's body and to keep you from catching your rear wheels on obstacles along the trail. We threw these on our General so we could have fun slamming into rocks instead of worrying about our custom graphics. SuperATV General 4 Custom Build Nerf Bars

7: Front Brush Guard

Don't be caught dead at Moab without a front brush guard. The stock bumper is OK but we wanted to make sure the entire front end and headlights were protected. So we slapped on our much beefier Front Brush Guard in case our driver decided to go straight into that boulder instead of stopping or, better yet, going around it. #justsendit SuperATV General 4 Custom Build Front Brush Guard

6: 4500lb Winch

The winch is the ultimate crutch for the less-than-ultimate rider, but even expert riders like you can get stuck sometimes.  We wanted to be able to survive even the toughest trails at Moab like Steel Bender and Behind the Rocks, so we outfitted our General with our 4500lb Winch. That way, even if we screwed up, our machine could pull us through.

5: High Clearance A-Arms

High Clearance A-arms are a must for navigating rock fields. The difference these things make when navigating over obstacles is night and day. We wanted to make sure that when we hit the trails with our General, the trails didn't hit us right back. That extra clearance from these a-arms gives us plenty of breathing room. SuperATV General 4 Custom Build HC A-Arms

4: Skid Plate

We knew we would have a bumpy ride at Moab. Even with high clearance a-arms and a 4" Portal Gear Lift (which incidentally comes in at number 2), we wanted to make sure that if we were high-centered, we didn't wreck the underside of our new General. So we bolstered our under-belly with our 3/8" thick UHMW Skid Plate. We use an industrial router to make these, and apart from that, nothing gets through them. Don't forget this one when you go to Moab. SuperATV General 4 Custom Build Skid Plate

3: Healy Fast Series Beadlock Wheels and Intimidator Tires

What tires and wheels to use for the slick rock at Moab might well have been the very first thing you thought about. You need something that won't slip and can handle a variety of trail surfaces from rock to dust and dirt. For that, we chose 32" Intimidator Tires. They can handle just about any terrain that we throw at it and they have enough sidewall flex to get us over the trickier obstacles at Moab. We mounted them to 14" Healy Fast Series Beadlock Wheels because we wanted to run them with a nice low air pressure for maximum grip. Beadlock wheels are an obvious choice for Moab. SuperATV General 4 Custom Build Intimidator

2: GDP 4" Portal Gear Lift

When it comes to rolling over things (like rocks), a 4" Portal Gear lift really makes it a breeze. We knew that the 30% gear reduction it provides would really come in handy as we climbed rock shelves in our General. The extra 4" of lift it provides lets us cruise over obstacles that a stock machine would grind over. And our GDP 4" Portal Gear Lift feels perfectly at home pulling us over rocks at Moab. It brings more power to the ground and the difference you'll feel when battling obstacles is extraordinary. SuperATV General 4 Custom Build GDP

1: Rhino 2.0 Axles

We take our axles very seriously. The last thing we want to break is an axle which can be especially easy to do when your machine is pitted up against the rocks and shelves at Moab. Nothing puts a damper on your day quicker. So we got some Rhino 2.0 Axles to put on our General. They are twice as strong as OEM so we can sit back and relax while we abuse our General and take the difficult routes all day long. If you do decide to stick with stock at Moab, we'll be happy to fix you up with a nice set of Rhino 2.0 Axles when you break them. SuperATV General 4 Custom Build Rhino 2.0 We had a lot of fun with our fully upgraded Polaris General 1000 at Rally on the Rocks in Moab this last week, even if it did get a little cold at times. The trails didn't know what hit them when we came rolling through. To read about our full experience at the event, click HERE.