Mud Tires for Any Style—And We’re Giving Away a Set!

There's something magical about mud. We know it's special from a young age when we're drawn to it, and we, in our dad's oversized rain boots, run pell-mell through the deepest mud hole we can fine. Our boots fill with mud, our hair is caked to the roots, and we end up walking home barefoot—our boots lost to the sucking mud. But we have no regrets. A few of us haven't forgotten that magic of mud, we just play a little differently now, and we play a little harder.

We here at SuperATV haven't forgotten where we came from and we've been sharing our love of mud for years. And what better way than with innovating mud tire design! You guys know our mud tire line up well—you can't go on any good mud ride without seeing a set of Terminators, Assassinators, or Intimidators. But do you know all the differences between them? How do you know which on is best for you? Let's take a look. (Psst. We're giving away a set too!)

Terminator Tires

SuperATV Terminator Tires Good ol' Terminator tires. These tires have been outrageously popular over the years, and they deserve it. They make a really good first impression with a unique tread pattern full of hard angles and aggression. What really surprises people is how well they work when they get a chance to ride on them for themselves. They tear through mud like nobody's business and they're comfortable. An aggressive mud tire that rides smooth, you say. Impossible! Nope it's possible, it exists, it's a Terminator tire. It's not that complicated either; we just stuck a big fat lug down the centerline... makes it run good.

The tread on this has nice folds and gaps that make it even stickier on the trail. And as with any good mud tire, it self cleans. That means that we've angled the treads just so so that mud and debris will naturally fly out of the tread as the tire turns instead of sticking to it like cement. If they weren't self cleaning, you would quickly end up with a tire caked in mud that has no traction and a lot of extra weight.

But where does it line up in SuperATV's pantheon of mud tires? Well, Terminators are aggressive mud tires that are focused on delivering that ultimate mud performance, but they can handle hillsides, gravel, trail riding, and everything in between pretty well too. That breakdown will make more sense when compared to our next tire.

Intimidator Tires

SuperATV Intimidator Tires Who doesn't like a set of tires that can make everybody around you start sweating? Intimidator tires are sort of like a mud tire's take on an all terrain tire. They're aggressive, they're tough, and they're mean. They can get you through pretty hairy mud holes, but we wanted them to be your go-to tire for most other terrains too. These ones ride smooth too. Again, it's got a big lug along the centerline.

What makes these different from Terminators is just how well they handle across all sorts of terrain. Where the Terminator is good, Intimidators are great. Whether it's rocks, hills, gravel, dirt, snow, or sand, Intimidator Tires can handle it. That's all thanks to its advanced tread pattern. That thing is covered in siping so it can find traction on any surface, and it has a lot of tapered lug features to keep rocks and things from getting jammed between lugs. It's also self-cleaning but that should go without saying at this point.

Where it loses some points against Terminators is in mud. Terminators simply have it beat there.

Assassinator Tires

Assassinator Tires If you spend so much time in mud that you don't know where you end and the mud begins then Assassinator Tires are for you. They're laser focused on being the best mud tires in the industry, and many would agree that they are. They're ultra-aggressive featuring a massive 3" tread depth and super-wide lug spacing. Assassinators will find something to pull on in the thickest peanut butter mud and the thinest mud soup.

We make Assassinators up to a 40" diameter but we keep them thin so that they can cut through anything. Are they self-cleaning? Of course. It's a mud tire.

Not sure about Assassinators? Check this out.

So What do you Want?

What tire you want depends on what you want to do. All mud all the time? Assassinator. Mostly mud but you need to get through some other trails too? Terminator. You do everything including mud? Intimidator.

It just so happens that we're giving away a free set of mud tires on March 2nd, 2018. If you want to get in on it, fill out this form before March 2nd to enter. You get to choose the style and size if you win. Pretty sweet deal.

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