Why You Need a New Front Output Shaft on Your RZR 1000

I know the title of this blog post is 'Why You Need a New Front Output Shaft on Your RZR 1000', but let me first spend some time talking about the reverse chain.

Reverse Chain Woes

Broken heavy duty reverse chain Everybody knows that the RZR 1000 has problems with its reverse chain. The thin chain in the stock transmission just doesn't have the strength to get through everything the RZR 1000 was built to handle. What's worse than getting stuck then putting your RZR in reverse only to hear the telltale pop of your reverse chain giving up the ghost? Maybe the fact that now you have a loose strap of metal rattling around in your transmission and you still have to figure out how to get home? Yeah, that's not a great situation.

We said enough was enough and built a bigger, tougher reverse chain that's almost twice as strong as stock. And you guys are replacing your stock reverse chains in droves.

One thing not everybody knows is that there's another failure point in your transmission that can really ruin your day. I'm talking about the front output shaft. While the stock front output shaft doesn't have as much in common with an old rubber band as the reverse chain does, it still leaves a lot to be desired.

What About the Front Output Shaft

Broken front output shaft The RZR 1000 simply has more torque than its shaft can handle. That leads to another telltale pop; this time it's from your front output shaft. Now you're left without power to your front wheels. Hopefully you planned a two-wheel-drive friendly route back to the trailer.

We didn't like the sound of that either. So we made an output shaft out of 300M steel and a proprietary heat treating process. Now we have a front output shaft that's 41% stronger than stock and a reverse chain that's twice as strong as stock. We haven't heard any pops from our transmission in a while.

Here's the sticking point with these replacement parts: they're very tough to replace. Getting into your transmission, cleaning out the broken shrapnel, then putting everything back together again is an all day job. For the average guy it's an expensive all day job that they pay their mechanic to do for them.
SuperATV front output shaft

And boy do you have egg on your face when you pay your mechanic $80 an hour to replace your reverse chain one week only to pay him to do the exact same work again after you break your front output shaft the next week.

Replace Both!

Our recommendation is to replace the front output shaft when you replace your reverse chain. Replacing both at the same time cuts the labor in half—once you've got your transmission open it's simple to get both the reverse chain and front output shaft installed.
Open RZR 1000 transmission

The reverse chain is the first thing you'll think of to replace (probably because it's the first thing you'll break) and when you do replace it, go ahead and grab a front output shaft. They're relatively inexpensive and you'll make up that money just by cutting your labor in half. It's a classic "work smarter, not harder" situation.

So when your machine starts popping, head on over to SuperATV.com and get yourself a reverse chain and front output shaft. Then you can ride through those deep holes, up those steep hills, and over those impassable rocks with confidence.