New LED Whip Lights from SuperATV

A lot of aftermarket parts for your UTV exist just to make it look cooler. And why not? These RZRs and Mavericks and other UTVs look awesome right off the factory floor. That's half the reason to get one. We like cool looking buggy's as much as the next guy, obviously, and what better way to look cool than with some sick lighting? That's why we've got some new LED whip lights available to spice up your ride. Now you can show off day or night with a bright, colorful whip hanging off the back of your machine. And the cool thing about these whip lights is that you control the color with your phone. That's right, just download the app, sync it up over Bluetooth, and you're good to go. You can choose between red, green, blue, white, yellow, teal, or purple and you can customize your own flashing patterns. You can also set the patterns to match the rhythm of music playing on your phone.

These lights come with some more down-to-earth features as well. For starters they feature a quick release attachment so you can pop them off for transporting or washing. They're also incredibly durable and flexible because they are fiber optic. You can really beat the heck out of them without worrying about half of the whip going dark. And they're more than just pretty lights—they keep you visible when you're dune riding or riding in any other hilly terrain. They can also be used to easily identify you and the rest of your crew on those long night rides. You don't want to get caught following the wrong group around in the dark or get lost when you take the wrong turn because you can't see your buddies. It's amazing how easily the addition of an LED light whip can completely change the look of your machine. There's no better way to take your look from mild to wild! Check them out over at!