Get More Out of Your Polaris Ranger at Work and Play

Polaris Ranger UTVs are a workhorse on the farm

How many people can you think of right now that own a Ranger? Are you out of fingers yet?

The Polaris Ranger is the most popular UTV on the planet and that means it sees all kinds of action. I bet that most of you reading this own a Ranger. What’s not to like about it? It’s got a nice, usable dump bed, plenty of torque, and room enough for up to six occupants. You can take the whole family for a spin around the farm while carrying a full load of firewood.

It’s an incredibly versatile machine — right out of the dealership, it’s good at just about everything. With a top speed of around 50 MPH and 80 HP it can get you where you need to go in a hurry, and its 1,500 lb payload capacity and 2,500 lb towing capacity means you can get all sorts of work done in short order.

Your Ranger has its limits though, and if you push it hard enough, you’ll find them. So how do you make the ultimate working machine? Let me show you how.

Tune It!

Polaris Ranger gets huge benefits from an ECU tune.

Think ECU tunes are just for RZR 1000 owners? Think again. The Polaris Ranger gets huge benefits from an ECU tune. That’s because your Ranger has all sorts of limiters on it that keep it from accelerating too fast and keeps it to 50 mph or below. A tune gives you total control over your machine — your throttle feels better so when you hit the gas, you start moving (a clutch kit helps with this as well) and you have smooth acceleration until the machine cannot physically accelerate anymore.

That’s all great in theory, I know, but when you get behind the wheel of a tuned ranger, you’ll wonder how you ever drove it before. You might even get an itch to start power sliding here and there.

The best part? It takes five minutes to install a tune — five minutes! That’s the fastest upgrade in the world. Call up Guinness before you start if you want the official world record.

Power Steering

Power steering makes every movement of your Polaris Ranger feel better

Most Rangers do not come with power steering, but if you think that power steering is an unnecessary luxury, you’re dead wrong. Power steering makes every movement of your machine feel better and makes your UTV feel like an extension of yourself rather than a big tool you’re sitting on. Not to mention, it reduces steering feedback, so bumps don’t jerk your hands around. If you’ve spent a day on a UTV, you know that controlling your steering wheel over rough terrain is a one-way ticket to sore arms and a shorter (or at least really uncomfortable) workday.

You might also think a power steering kit requires some serious know-how to get installed, but you can tell the mechanic that you’re handling this one yourself. You don’t need much aptitude to get our kits together.

There are still more ways to improve your day-in day-out work life though.


You need a pair of good off-road tires on your Polaris Ranger for traction.

The stock tires on a Polaris Ranger are fine, but that’s all. They’re just fine. What you need is a good pair of off-road tires to make sure you keep traction on slick, muddy days. I’m not talking about getting massive tires with huge lugs here — I’m sure you don’t want any more ruts on your property — I’m talking about a good pair of Warrior Tires. Warrior Tires have amazing grip without massive lugs so they won’t tear up everything you ride over. AT Warriors are even DOT approved in case you need to take your Ranger on the road from time to time.

Just like a tune, better tires are all about giving you more control. Better grip means hauling bigger loads in less forgiving terrain and doing what you need to do in any condition.

Now What?

Woah, that’s 3 easy upgrades that give you more power, control, and versatility to a UTV that’s already incredibly versatile. With all those upgrades, you’ll have an amazing work machine — and an amazing play machine. The Ranger is so versatile, that when you upgrade it for work, you also make it into a very capable trail machine — making it better at one thing makes it better at everything.

Now when you hit a sloppy trail or a muddy hill, you can keep up with the sport UTV’s and then some thanks to your SuperATV tune. When the trail gets technical, your power steering keeps you in control. When it turns to slop, your Warriors will keep your machine moving forward.

You’re really selling yourself short if you don’t blow off some steam and take your Ranger out for a spin every now and then. Once you realize what you’re missing out on, you won’t want to quit.

If you want to know what your Ranger is really capable of, just take a look at Rex. It won’t be long before you’re riding in a beast like that.

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