Portal Pairs! What to Add to Your Portal Gear Lift to Take Your Machine Over the Top

Our GDP Portal Gear Lifts are pretty great on their own and come in a couple different varieties. You can either go with our 4" portal lift which gives you a 30% gear reduction in addition to the lift or our 6" portal which gives you a 45% gear reduction. They're both great choices but why stop there? It's easy to take the next step and pair your portal with a big lift or bigger tires. Portals open up a world of possibilities that will allow you to cross the Rubicon with unwavering poise reminiscent of Depth Finder. But you can go bigger still. Let me show you how. First, you should take a good look at Depth Finder. DSC_5443 Are you finished? ....OK let's talk about Depth Finder. It's BIG. Really big. You know what makes it big? It's not the square tubing or the sweet graphics. Apart from the fact that it's a 4-seater all the bigness of Depth Finder comes from the 10" lift on 4" portals with 36" Intimidator tires. You could achieve even greater bigness (I promise I won't use that word again) by putting the same 7-10" lift on 6" portals with 40" Assassinators. Then you would have a full 4" more clearance than Depth Finder. Imagine pulling up next to Depth Finder and looking down at the driver. That's pretty big. Maybe you don't want to go bigger and you just want to take advantage of that newfound torque. In that case, you'll just want to slap on the biggest tires that will fit. You'll feel how much torque you have when you hit the gas and don't feel the weight of those big tires at all. You'll be grinning ear to ear as you crawl over huge obstacles like you were in a tank. If you're slapping on big tires you'll want to make sure you've got power steering that can handle it. If your stock machine doesn't have power steering be sure to grab a kit. You could also simply bolster your suspension with a set of boxed high clearance A-arms to give you a bit more clearance and stability without making any major modifications. While you're at it grab a set of Rhino 2.0 axles. Our portal gear lifts are kind to your axles but it never hurts to beef it up! Plus they come with that oh-so-sweet 18-month warranty. No matter what you do, grab an ECU Handheld Tuner for an instant upgrade to torque and power. Pair that with a clutch kit and you'll be golden. If you want even more torque you can pick up a Transmission Gear Reduction Kit. Then you'll have gear reductions on top of gear reductions! You'll be crawling up the side of buildings. Don't forget a winch! Your portals will make you the most capable wincher on the trail and your buddies will be looking at you for help. Just like they look to After Shock for help. If you've got a little more time on your hands, you could take your portal gear lift and make your own After Shock.