Race2Riches 2 Recap—Who Won and Who Rolled

Race2Riches 2 featured some of the biggest, baddest, rock bouncers and custom UTVs all competing for a piece of $150,000. The event featured 6 brutal hills—2 for bouncer class and 4 for pro UTV class—and 100 racers.

These hills were savage with plenty of wrecks and a whole lot of DNFs. But those who survived and managed to come out on top walked away with a new RZR or Maverick and a big wad of cash. Team SuperATV's very own Tyler Greves was there racing Bad Blood in the pro UTV class but after a small mistake, he wasn't able to land in the top 10.

Bad blood can tear up a hill like nobody's business

The event was an absolute blast. The guys with Pro UTV put on a heck of an event. The hills were rowdy and with such tough competition there was no room for error. Unfortunately I made a mistake on hill 3 and had to hit reverse costing me close to 10 secs and didn’t get to advance to hill 4. Bad blood was ripping hard with the Rev1 ECU Tune and Clutch Kit but that simple mistake really cost me, but that’s part of racing. Already looking forward to the event next year.
— Tyler Greves

The competition is fierce. Race2Riches is an invitation only race that brings all the top racers from across the country to one place to show what they've got. It takes a perfect balls-to-the-wall run and a little luck to land on the podium. Tim Cameron says that in order to win, you've got to have your throttle between 80 and 100% from the bottom of the hill to the crest in order to compete. That's intense.

The Winners

By the way, Tim Cameron took first last year for the pro UTV class and took second this year. That means he's gone home with a brand new UTV 2 years in a row now. If he keeps it up, he'll have to build a new garage just for Race2Riches prizes. He could put a sign on it that says "trophy case".

But anyway here are the the top 10 finishers in each class:

Race2Riches 2 standings

Do you see the time difference between 1st and 2nd place in the rock bouncer class? That's 0.006 seconds. What an insanely close finish! A high velocity bullet from a modern rifle would travel less than 30 feet in 0.006 seconds. Sound would would travel less than 7 feet in .006 seconds! That's nuts!

And there's Clayton Hollingsworth taking home 2 machines—1 from each class. He's probably pretty happy he signed up. And the Hollingsworths altogether took home half of the available prize vehicles.

Race2Riches crowd

Some went up, others went down

But if you're anything like me, you're less interested in the results of the race and more interested in watching all the guys who failed and ended up rolling back down to the bottom. And Race2Riches certainly delivered. With 100 drivers, we were all but guaranteed to see some spectacular crashes and the guys running the event at Pro Rock Racing knew it. They even had a special prize for the best rollover.

So while you're waiting for next years Race2Riches—maybe with an even bigger prize pool—check out everything over at SuperATV.com to get your rig ready for the hill. And spend the rest of your time watching this compilation by MadRam11 of how NOT to climb a hill at Race2Riches.