AT & RT Warriors—The Last Tires You Will Ever Need

AT and RT Warrior tires are, hands down, the best UTV tires we've ever made. They're a complex and perfectly balanced combination of rubber, tread, and design that makes them outperform every other tire we put them up against. We've spent thousands of hours here at SuperATV perfecting the tread pattern and carefully placing every sipe. What we ended up with is a unique, patent pending tread pattern that you won't find anywhere else that grips like nothing you've ever seen before.

SlikRok's Review

But don't take my word for it—the guys over at SlikRok Productions took our RT Warriors all over Utah. Here's what they had to say about them:
Curt and I have discussed the new tire to a great extent. As you know we thrive in the rock crawling world. We are extremely impressed with how the tire performs. The rubber compound seemed to be spot on. It has an aggressive tread design which we like. We took the ranger through some crazy obstacles and the tires grabbed very well on the rock surfaces. We also tried them in the mud and in the sand and for a rock tire it is fairly universal. We like the directional tread design and honestly, we have no negatives to report about this tire. Our only concern is what sizes this tire will be offered in. We personally like rock tire that are wider that aid in protecting the wheels. It seems like all the rock tires we have run have been a bit on the narrow side. When a tire is a few inches wider than the wheel it prevents from damaging bead lock rings/bolts and wheels. A 10” wide tire works decent on a 7” wheel but we would love to see something more along the 11”-12” range. But all in all this is a terrific tire. You guys have done a terrific job on it and we would be more than happy to endorse and promote it. 
Not too shabby to say the least. But let's get into what the differences between the RT and AT Warrior really are, what sets them apart from other tires, and what makes them the best UTV tires around.

RT vs AT Warrior

First of all, you've probably realized by now that we have 2 different Warrior Tires; the RT Warrior and the AT Warrior. The RT Warrior is our all-terrain tire with a focus on rock crawling. The AT Warrior is our DOT approved all terrain tire that will tear up short course and trails. The AT Warrior is right at home in the desert but doesn't disappoint anywhere. The RT and AT Warriors are very similar in design, but they're not exactly the same. They both feature our patent pending tapered lug design, as well as ejector ribs, and siping (more on those later.) They also share the same Kevlar belt package that makes them so sturdy in corners and off-camber situations, and they both have an 8 ply rating. The difference is simply in the lug spacing, layout and depth.

AT Warrior

AT Warriors are DOT-approved and feature a 3/4" tread depth with closely packed lugs. The tight spacing between the lugs is the primary factor in making these tires DOT approved and that large contact patch (where the rubber makes contact with the ground) makes it ride smooth on roads and trails alike. It's the best DOT approved UTV tire we've ever used, and it takes from cruising on the highway to running through trails, gravel, mud, or dirt without missing a beat.

RT Warrior

RT Warriors are designed to be the ultimate rock crawling tire and features a 1" tread depth with widely spaced lugs. The tread pattern is also slightly different which makes it a force to be reckoned with off-road no matter what terrain you're faced with. Throughout all our tests the RT warrior has shown that it won't yield under lateral loads and has excellent forward grip in all conditions. The RT Warrior can handle any surface we throw at it from wet rocky roads and creek beds, to mud, dirt, and grassy pastures.

Tapered pyramid lugs, ejector ribs, and siping

I told you we'd talk about these tread pattern features later didn't I? The tapered lugs, ejector ribs, and siping are the little details that set these tires apart from the rest. We set out to make the ultimate all-terrain UTV tire, so from top to bottom, every inch of a Warrior is designed for grip and performance. That's why every detail matters to us, and they should matter to you too.

Tapered Pyramid

RT Warrior Tapered Pyramid Lug I know "tapered pyramid" sounds like some gobbledygook but bear with me because these things make a huge difference. Imagine each lug is a little pyramid. Now imagine little steps up the sides of those pyramids. Those steps are what give Warriors so much more traction than a standard lug. They force whatever dirt, mud, or soil that's between the lugs to compress and pack in so that the tread has something solid to bite into. It's like a tank track.

Ejector Ribs

Warrior Tire Ejector RibWith all that packing these tires must get pretty caked after just a little bit of riding, right? Wrong. That's where the ejector ribs come in. Warrior tires already have great clean out properties due to their tread pattern but the ejector ribs take it over the top. These small rubber ribs placed between each lug flex and vibrate as the tire rolls to dislodge whatever material has built up. As we all know, a clean tire is key to traction happiness. You can count on these tires to keep digging instead of sliding around caked in crud.


Warrior Tire Siping"But what about hard, solid surfaces," I hear you shouting. We built the AT Warrior to be great on roads and the RT to be perfect for rocks, remember? To that end we've included siping on every lug. A sipe is a small slit in the rubber that increases traction on the top of your lug. It's like having little mini lugs all over the tire and they grab onto flat solid surfaces like roads, rocks, and granite slabs like nobody's business.

Rubber formulated for traction

SuperATV Warrior Tire Layers All the best siping, patent pending lugs, and ejector ribs won't get you far if you don't have the right rubber to back them up. That's why we were careful in composing the perfect durometer and durability in hard and soft variations to maximize grip. That's right—we were careful in choosing a rubber compound for both hard and soft variations because we offer all sizes of AT and RT Warriors in both variations. But how do you know whether hard or soft tires are right for you?

Hard Rubber

Our hard rubber compound is what you're used to. Most UTV tires use some type of hard rubber compound. Ours is highly durable yet grips well across all surfaces. It's really ideal for anybody that will spend most of their time on soft surfaces like mud, dirt, and loamy trails.

Soft Rubber

Our soft (or sticky) rubber compound is for people who rock crawl exclusively and for the hardcore rider who wants top performance no matter what. That's because the softer material increases performance and traction in any riding condition, especially rocks and hard pack surfaces like desert short courses. The only downside is that they wear faster—the natural trade-off for a softer, stickier material. If you're a professional racer or hardcore rock crawler, look no further than a soft rubber compound Warrior tire.

Tested in all Conditions

We know you you will love these tires because we've tested Warrior Tires all across the country. Of course, we romped around our home turf here in Southern Indiana taking them up hills, creeks, and trails where they gripped like they had spikes in them. We've got some wild terrain here, but we took them to the mountains of Tennessee to see how they would handle extreme inclines and deep mud. RT Warrior Testing But we didn't just test them out east; we took our Warriors to where they really shine in the Southern California desert. They held their traction no matter how hard or loose the terrain was. From there we took a set to Moab, Utah to see how they handled the rockiest terrain on the planet and they exceeded expectations. So pick up a set of the Warrior tires—the last tires you'll ever need.


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