Salute to Heroes

Teaming Up for a Great Cause

SuperATV is honored to have the opportunity to team up with @PolarisRZR and @WarfighterMade to raise money through RZR's Salute to Heroes. Warfighter Made is a non-profit organization that aims to improve the quality of life for injured combat veterans. In the words of Juan "Dom" Dominguez, the vice president of Warfighter Made, their goal is to "give them back the freedom that they gave us." They do this by adapting RZRs and other vehicles to a veteran's specific injury by making concessions for prosthetic limbs or limited mobility. But it doesn't stop there. Warfighter Made always leaves the machine upgraded and personalized when they hand it back to the soldier they're helping. Apart from souping up vehicles, they also broaden their impact by inviting injured and ill veterans on recreational therapy trips. These trips include off-roading, shooting at ranges, and participating in races among other things.  


Warfighter Made is 100% non-Warfighter Made|Polaris RZR| SuperATVprofit and volunteer run and it's awesome! Some soldiers sacrifice their body to protect our freedom, others give so much more. With Memorial Day approaching, now is the perfect time for you to give back a little bit of the freedom that our veterans gave us. Go donate at for a chance to win some amazing prizes! And post using hashtags #RZRLife or #RZRSalutetoHeroes, for each post #Polaris will donate $5 to this campaign!