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The Surprising Origins of Portal Gear Lifts

The History of Portal Gear Lifts

Portals have a murky history from their origins pre-World War II to their wide-spread commercial, agricultural, and military use. One thing is clear: the creation and application of portals has been a worldwide effort spanning the better part of a century — and they sure make riding a whole lot more fun.

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Employee Spotlight: Justin Eaton, Design Engineer

Would it surprise you if I told you one of SuperATV's design engineers has gotten his wife to go into labor by taking her creek crawling in his RZR? No? What if I told you that if he didn't cut his teeth designing bath tubs, you might never have gotten some of SuperATV's most defining parts? That's Justin Eaton for you, and there's no way you can accuse him of thinking inside the box. He found an uncommon path to SuperATV where he helps bring some of our most ambitious projects to life.

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Introducing SuperATV's Gen 2 Portals

That's right. We've taken everything we've learned about portals in the last 2+ years and made new, better, stronger portals. They were already great, but now they're even greater. Here's what's new in our Gen 2 portals.

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