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Polaris' 2018 Lineup

Polaris finally revealed their 2018 lineup earlier this week. Their vehicle lineup is relatively unchanged other than small improvements with the exception of the RZR XP Turbo DYNAMIX Edition. The DYNAMIX Edition is pretty interesting. It's basically an electronically controlled live-valve system, so it adjusts the stiffness of all four shocks independently 200 times a second. We won't get a sense of how that feels until we actually get to ride it, but theoretically, it should lead to more comfortable rides and better control over varying terrain. If you're 1 of the 8 people that haven't seen the DYNAMIX video yet, you can check it out below. http://youtu.be/lfFd5bxszNM I'm sure these Fox shocks will be built to last but a part of me worries about the maintenance of them. More moving parts and more complicated mechanisms mean more points of failure. If you blow one out of warranty, how much will it cost to replace it? Last month, Can-Am touted their 2018 X3 turbocharged to 120 HP and priced under $20,000. Polaris' response is the 2018 RZR XP Turbo EPS with Walker Evans shocks which manages to hit 168 HP for $19,999. That's not too bad. Of course, horsepower isn't the whole story. It'll be interesting to see Polaris' 168 HP 2018 RZR Turbo Dynamix Edition priced at $26K up against Can-Am's 172 HP 2018 X3 X RS Turbo R priced at $27K going head-to-head. My guess is that Can-Am will win the drag race but Polaris will win everything else. We'll see! So what do you think of Polaris' lineup? Now that the two biggest UTV brands have showed their hands, are you looking forward to Can-Am's new X3s or Polaris' new Turbos more? Check out their full press release below.

Polaris Off-Road Vehicles Takes Lineup to Next Level with New Models and Industry-First Innovation in 2018

  • All-new flagship RANGER® XP 1000 features 100-plus owner-inspired innovations and industry-leading 82-horsepower ProStar®engine
  • World’s first and only intelligent off-road suspension system, available exclusively on RZR® XP Turbo DYNAMIX Edition
  • Limited-edition, military-inspired GENERAL 1000 EPS with more durability and performance than ever before
Minneapolis, MN (July 26, 2017) – Polaris (NYSE: PII), the worldwide leader in off-road vehicles, today announced its 2018 model-year lineup, including an industry-first technology that will revolutionize the off-road riding experience. The company continues to set the industry standard for innovation, bringing intuitive, rider-centric solutions to customers across its lineup. Whether reinventing the ATV category, elevating connectivity for off-road enthusiasts with RIDE COMMAND® or being the industry’s No.1-selling utility side-by-side for nearly a decade, Polaris Off-Road Vehicles is synonymous with off-road adventure and passion, in both work and play. The Future of Ride and Handling is Here Fueled by relentless innovation over its 10-year history, Polaris RZR recreational side-by-sides deliver the ultimate combination of power, suspension and agility, dominating every type of off-road terrain. New for model year 2018, Polaris introduces an industry-first innovation – RZR DYNAMIXActive SuspensionAvailable exclusively on the RZR XP Turbo DYNAMIX Edition (MSRP $25,999 U.S.), DYNAMIX is the world’s first and only intelligent off-road suspension system, designed to eliminate compromise and deliver the best ride at every moment, regardless of terrain. With seven vehicle inputs that make adjustments 200 times per second, DYNAMIX is the only off-road suspension that continuously tunes on the fly, giving off-road enthusiasts more comfort and more confidence while cornering, braking, accelerating, and even while mid-air. Seamlessly integrated into Polaris’ RIDE COMMAND system, DYNAMIX also comes standard with a rear camera and simple-touch controls. More Rugged. More Refined. Polaris RANGER, the industry’s No.1-selling utility side-by-side lineup, introduces the all-new, flagship RANGER XP 1000 (MSRP $16,299 U.S.) for model year 2018. The newest RANGER has more than 100 owner-inspired innovations, making it the hardest working, smoothest riding RANGER ever – the ultimate vehicle for hunters, farmers, homeowners and recreation enthusiasts. In addition to industry-leading features like an 82-horsepower ProStar® engine, 2,500 lbs. (1,134 kgs) of towing capacity, and 11 in. (27.9 cm.) of suspension travel for an even smoother ride, the RANGER XP 1000 features a completely redesigned exterior and interior, taking finish, function and attention to detail to the next level. Rec/Utility In just 18 months since its launch the Polaris GENERAL® has become the best-selling crossover side-by-side on the market. With class-leading performance and payload built for hauling, the GENERAL is proven to be the most-versatile recreational utility vehicle ever built. New for model year 2018, Polaris gives customers more durability, more performance and more GENERAL models to choose from, including the GENERAL 1000 EPS Limited Edition (MSRP $18,999 U.S.) featuring custom military-themed graphics on Matte Sagebrush Green automotive-style paint, and cut-and-sew leather-like custom seats. ATV Polaris Sportsman®, the No. 1-selling brand of automatic 4x4 ATVs, delivers several improvements for model-year 2018, driven by customer and dealer input to enhance the performance riders expect and the dependability they count on. Improvements include a more durable driveline, new side panels for a more comfortable and cooler ride, and an improved digital display. Polaris ACE®, the single-seat sit-in vehicle that redefined the off-road experience, offers for model-year 2018 several new enhancements to its lineup based on customer feedback, catering to a variety of adrenaline junkies, from first-time users to hard-core riders, including the all-new ACE 570 EPS (MSRP $8,999 U.S.). Polaris continues to be No. 1 in powersports for a reason, with innovation and industry-exclusive, rider-centric solutions by customer feedback. More information about Polaris’ Off-Road Vehicles and Polaris Engineered Accessories can be found online at Polaris.com.

Kaden Danbury Racer Bio

Kaden Danbury

TEAM: Team SuperATV AGE: 9  YEARS RACING: 3 Kaden Danbury has been racing SXS’s competitively for (3) years. With over (51) races, (2) Championships, and (40) podiums through May of 2017, Kaden has become one of the most consistent youth drivers to hit the winner's box for the Youth SXS’s classes. Kaden Danbury is 9 years old and is currently racing (2) Polaris RZR 170’s this season. He currently has a 2015 Polaris RZR 170 that runs in the 250 SXS Production/ Modified Class at World Offroad Championship Series (WORCS) and Best In The Desert (BITD) and 2012 Polaris RZR 170 in the Open 200 Production class at Dirt Series. Kaden’s racing takes a team of dedicated people to make it happen. Danbury Racing consists of his Mom, Sarah and Dad, Dustin Danbury along with his extended race family that gets his (2) SXS’s prepped and dialed in for every race. Kaden is dedicated to off-roading on and off the track. When he is not racing or prepping his RZR’s, Team Danbury Racing is spending their weekends in Ocotillo Wells, CA camping and driving through the desert. In Kaden’s spare time he trains in his SXS’s as well as in carts with WORCS Pro SXS driver, Shelby Anderson at Shelby Anderson Racing Academy to sharpen his skills. We look forward to his race future. Kaden Danbury/ Danbury Racing has been fortunate enough to have been with Team SuperATV since August of 2015 and hopes for many more years to come! Check out Kaden on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. https://youtu.be/vv_srE9NdgU https://youtu.be/rdXI9CnrnOs   [gallery ids="2964,2963,2962,2961,2960,2959,2958,2956,2955" type="rectangular" orderby="rand"]        

Straight Talk About ECU Tuners and Clutches

Chances are, you have some idea about what the ECU on your vehicle is and what tuning your ECU does. But the true complexity of what is happening in your ECU before and after a tune may have eluded you. If you want to know more about what they do and how we tweak them to get the very best performance (we won't tell you everything. We've got to keep some secrets, right?), feel free to read on and enlighten yourself.

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Guest Post: SlikRok Can't Keep Their Wheels on the Ground in Sand Hollow, Utah

SlikRok Productions is back yet again with another guest post. This time they cover their outing to Sand Hollow, Utah. Their YouTube video posted at the end sums up their trip nicely. I don't know if I mentioned it before but these guys are based out of Utah, which means they've got some of the most gorgeous riding country in the world right in their backyard. So be sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep up-to-date on all their builds, rides, and destruction. Now check out this video from their Instagram to get you started:
We took our 3rd trip to Sand Hollow, Utah earlier this year. This ride is one for the history books. We had more carnage in this one trip than any of our other trips combined. I know that sounds horrible but let’s put something out there. We are constantly building our machines to become better, stronger, trying to always take them to the next level, and by doing so we are pushing them to their limits of what they can handle, and what they can achieve, hell even what we as drivers are capable of. Rolling over is inevitable with the kind of riding we do. We build our machines to use them, not to sit on a trailer. We spent 3 epic days riding sand dunes, washes, and the one aspect we crave, rock crawling. This was the 1st ride I used my new drone and was really happy with the footage we were able to capture. Anytime I can give a new perspective of this sport, I will jump at the opportunity. The drone has done just that. This was also our first trip out running our SuperATV 4″ Portal Gear Lifts, and you want the honest truth, here it is. I will never own another RZR without portals. We didn’t break one factory axle, or burn up one factory belt. For us that is very very rare. The 30% gear reduction relieved so much stress throughout the whole drive train. Oh and by the way we are running 34″ tires! The added ground clearance made typical obstacles easier and allowed us to stretch outside our comfort zone and try harder and more difficult obstacles. A big concern was what were we going to lose off the top end and that concern was quickly put to rest when I still hit 65 mph with ease. I am running a 2015 XP1000 and it pulls harder off the line than a new stock turbo. That is no exaggeration. These portals are designed and built so well. We have not had a single issue up to this point, and we will keep you posted if we do. Thank you for reading and as always reach out to us with any questions! Check out the video and see for yourself!

Guest Post: SlikRok Productions Carrier Bearing Install

SlikRok Productions is back again with a different sort of post for you. This time they're bringing you a nice instructional video on how to install our Heavy Duty Polaris Carrier Bearing along with some of their impressions. After you check out their video be sure to check out the rest of their stuff over on YouTube. They've got other how-to videos as well as tons of footage of events and custom builds. Check it out! You can also see what these guys are up to on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Now let's see how easy it is to install that carrier bearing: So there has been a lot of aftermarket carrier bearings and we have installed our fair share. One thing they all have in common is they are a pain in the back side to install. I am not talking negative about any specific brand, because the quality on them was really nice. They all just failed when it comes to ease of installation. Too many hours have been lost, and too many words were said while fighting to get them installed. The SuperATV carrier bearing is a 3 piece bearing which allowed us to leave the rear drive shaft in the machine and slip the bearing over then sandwich it back into place. It really couldn’t have gone any better. The carrier is milled out of aluminum and the bearing is actually greaseable. So if you are in the market don’t hesitate on getting yours from SuperATV.