Team SuperATV is on the Starting Line Again—This Time They're in Bad Blood and There's $150,000 Up for Grabs

Team SuperATV is headed to WindRock Park in Oliver Springs Tennessee to take part in the Race2Riches2!

Race2Riches2 features 100 of the best extreme hill climbing racers all in their custom rock bouncers or custom UTV buggies. They will compete for the best time in a series of insane hill climbs in hopes of taking home a part of the $150,000 prize pool. The top 3 finishers from each class will go home with a brand new Can-Am or Polaris UTV of their choice.

So Team SuperATV is sending Tyler Greves and Bad Blood to see if he can take home a piece of that pie.

Tyler Greves gearing up for Race2Riches2
TeamSuperATV driver, Tyler Greves

Speaking of Bad Blood, this beast has changed quite a bit since its unveiling on Destination Polaris last year. Bad Blood started life as a 2016 RZR Turbo and was transformed into the ultimate rock bouncing buggy. For its competition debut at Race2Riches2, it'll be rocking:

  • SuperATV's +3 long travel kit
  • Rhino 2.0 axles
  • Rack Boss Steering Rack
  • Rev1 clutch Kit
  • Rev1 ECU tune
  • SuperATV's 4500 lb Black Ops winch
  • SuperATV seats and harness
  • Big Horn tires
  • Healy Fast Series beadlock wheels

It's quite the package and Tyler is looking forward to dominating all 4 hills behind the wheel.

Tyler has been racing for years and riding for even longer. Recently, he's been tearing it up in the Dirty Turtle Off-Road Racing Series. When he's not racing competitively, he's ripping up hill sides and creek beds, so the Race2Riches is right up his alley. And he's had plenty of time behind the wheel of Bad Blood here in Indiana.

Tim Cameron getting a tune here at SuperATV
Tim Cameron giving his RZR a tune here at SuperATV

Last year, Tim Cameron took 1st place for the UTV Buggy class and went home with a wad of cash and a brand new RZR Turbo. Tim earned his top spot in his custom RZR complete with SuperATV Rev1 clutching and tune. So Bad Blood is like a cousin to Tim's winning RZR.

This year is a new race with new hills, new competitors, and a bigger prize pool. The payout will go to the driver that hits the best line, gives it the most throttle, and gets just a little bit lucky. We're bound to see some amazing rollovers and even more amazing recoveries. With 100 rigs going up those hills, anything and everything will happen.

So come on out to Windrock Park in Oliver Springs Tennessee to cheer on Tyler and Bad Blood in the Race2Riches2! It's going to be rowdy and fun. And you'll get to see the biggest payout in competitive rock bouncing history.

If you want to make your vehicle rock worthy check out SuperATV's +3 long travel kit, Rhino 2.0 axles, harnesses, and winches. They're all the same parts featured on Bad Blood! And here's some fun footage from last year's Race2Riches.

Good luck Tyler! You and Bad Blood go show those hills who's in charge!

Race2Riches 2 flier