Thank You

Passing on a little love

Today is Thanksgiving. We're at home and hopefully you are too. Soon we'll be clogging our arteries with sleep-inducing tryptophan, delicious mashed potatoes, and as much pie as we can squeeze in at the end. After that we'll be watching some football and scolding ourselves for not making a turducken this year. And then everybody's asleep. thanksgiving It's a great day to rest and relax with family or go out for a grand Turkey Day ride. But whatever you do, somebody at the table is bound to try and make everybody name something they're thankful for. Here at SuperATV it's always an easy answer: we're thankful for you. Why is that such an easy answer? Well, you guys made SuperATV what it is today. We've said it many times, but SuperATV started with one man and a garage. And SuperATV would've stayed one man and a garage without you!

You guys are amazing

You guys took a chance with SuperATV. You slapped SuperATV stickers on your machines and told your friends. You went on hundreds of thousands of rides all around the world and over every terrain imaginable. You took our parts up hills, over rocks, through dunes, through mud, and through trails. You've tested them in every condition imaginable. Now you're certain to find a friend whenever you wear your SuperATV swag out on a ride. turkey day You've turned SuperATV into more than just some metal you bolt to your machine. It's a culture—a community—and we're overjoyed that there are so many of you out there repping our brand from coast-to-coast and continent-to-continent. Thank you! Seriously. Thank you for believing in us and thank you for riding with us. Soon we'll all wake up from our carb naps and we'll leave grandma's house just to go home and sleep some more. We'll do some Black Friday shopping and then we'll be right back here at SuperATV; sweating and bleeding to make the best parts we can just for you. Thank You. turkey