The Team SuperATV Blog Has a New Home

Team SuperATV blog has moved

The Team SuperATV has a new home that makes a lot more sense than its old home. Now you can find the blog on a little website called You can go to or navigate to the blog under the "Inside SuperATV" tab on the homepage.

Where to find the Team SuperATV blog

Things look a little different because it is a little different, but we're working hard to get everything up to snuff.

A little housekeeping

Comments are currently disabled but they won't be for long. In the meantime you can make your comments on our Facebook page where every blog post is featured as soon as it's posted (that's what most of you post comments anyway.)

how to follow on Facebook If you follow the blog with email or with WordPress you will no longer receive notifications or emails when a new blog is posted. Don't be surprised if you start getting emails again at some point in the future (we're seeing what we can do) but until then you can bookmark or you can like us on Facebook. You can also click "Follow" and "Show First" to make sure you don't miss anything.

What do you want to see?

The blog has a new home and maybe it's time to try something new. What do you guys want to see from the Team SuperATV blog going forward? What have you guys liked so far? In a few months we'll hit 100 posts and the 1 year anniversary of the blogs inception, so I'm guessing you have an opinion or two. Let us know over at!