These Guys are Riding on Portals and Here's What They Have to Say About Them

We talk a lot about the advantages of running our GDP Portal Gear Lifts. Why would you believe us though? Of course we're trying to sell you something and of course we think the thing we made is great. Well don't listen to us, listen to these guys:

Ross Pilgreen

I installed the Gear Driven Performance portals on my custom rock crawling and racing RZR. I raced the second trip out with them and won the Ultra4 Hot Springs event on a brutal 9+ mile course. The amount of gear reduction is excellent for 32-35" tires. I'm now able to use high range like a stock machine. I'm an axle killer and I have yet to break an axle since installing the portals. The extra clearance and load off the drivetrain is phenomenal.

-Ross Pilgreen, Little Rock, Arkansas

scott malone

GDP Portal Gear Lift from SuperATV has Turned my 2015 RZR 900 Trail into a tire shredding, mud-slinging beast. The portal lift keeps my axles from extreme angles and reduces stress on drivetrain with the 30% gear reduction. The super dense Midwest mud doesn't stand a chance.

-Scott Malone aka Northern Rider, Lake Island, Illinois

I will never own another RZR without portals. We didn’t brake one factory axle, or burn up one factory belt. For us that is very very rare. The 30% gear reduction relieved so much stress throughout the whole drivetrain. Oh and by the way we are running 34″ tires! The added ground clearance made typical obstacles easier and allowed us to stretch outside our comfort zone and try harder and more difficult obstacles. A big concern was what were we going to lose off the top end and that concern was quickly put to rest when I still hit 65 mph with ease. I am running a 2015 RZR XP 1000 and it pulls harder off the line than a new stock turbo. That is no exaggeration. These portals are designed and built so well.

-Jake Andersen of SlikRok Productions, Logan, Utah