Our Transmission Case Beats OEM at Every Turn

Image of a Polaris RZR tearing through the mud.

Image of a SuperATV Billet Transmission Case
SuperATV's Transmission Case for the Polaris RZR 1000 uses better materials and smarter construction.

If your engine is the heart of your UTV, the transmission is the brain. It takes all the power generated by your engine, transforms it into usable torque and horsepower, then delivers that power to the axles and differential in exactly the right way. It’s in charge of making your high gear go fast, your low gear go strong, and your reverse go, well, backwards.

It’s pretty stinking important

That’s why we made a better transmission case for the Polaris RZR 1000. We took a look at the weakest parts of the OEM transmission case and beefed them up to make a better transmission case that can stand up to more.

Let’s talk about why SuperATV’s transmission case blows your OEM case out of the water.

Why did Your Transmission Explode?

A stronger transmission case can stop our snorkel gear from breaking.
A stronger transmission case can stop your snorkel gear from breaking.

First, we need to explain why your transmission blew up in the first place. There’s a predictable cause of transmission case failure, and it has to do with the pinion gear and the snorkel gear that meet in snorkel tube. These two gears are “spiral bevel gears” which, apart from looking a little funky, mean they have some unique properties.

The “spiral” of the teeth on the gears makes them mesh really well and gives them tons of strength—if you’re moving forward. Throw your RZR into reverse and they’re not as strong. A complex set of forces work to push these gears apart from each other in reverse. If the case has any give at all, they’ll pull apart enough to heat up and weaken. Eventually they’ll break, explode, and tear a hole in your transmission.

If you want to know more about these gears, we talk a lot about them in our snorkel gear blog.

Better Design

The moral of the story is that you need a snorkel tube that can hold everything together in order to stop your transmission from exploding.

So, how did we beef up the snorkel tube? We put thicker walls around it and added some extra fins and ribs that do more than just add strength.

The thick walls are a no brainer: more material means more strength. The ribs that wrap around the snorkel tube add rigidity, but they also act as a heat sink. Because they stick out from the transmission, they dissipate heat more efficiently than OEM. That means your gears and case stay cooler and are less likely to break.

That’s how we make your whole transmission stronger just by making your case better.

Diagram showing the key features of a SuperATV Billet Transmission Case.

68% More Material

We didn’t forget about the axle output either. It’s another high-stress area of your transmission that needed a little TLC. That’s why we’ve added ribs and fins there as well. Altogether, our transmission has 68% more material around the snorkel tube and axle output areas.

It’s stronger, it’s cooler, and it’s exactly the kind of strength your Polaris RZR needs.

Get What You Need

Our RZR 1000 transmission is sold in halves, so you can just get the half you need and bolt it up to your OEM transmission case. If you’ve blown your OEM snorkel, just get the snorkel side. If you really messed up your case, you can replace the whole thing. You don’t have to get more than you need.

Ready to Upgrade?

If you’ve already blown a transmission case, you need to upgrade to something stronger if you don’t want to have the same breakdown again. Upgrade to a better design with SuperATV’s transmission case. We’ve also got internals you might want to consider if you’re already replacing the case. We have a heavy-duty reverse chain, an upgraded front output shaft, and a heavy-duty pinion shaft and snorkel gear kit that will make sure your transmission can stand up to anything.

White and blue Polaris RZR 1000 on the track.