Winter Can Be Fun Too With Gear From SuperATV

Winter's Here

Winter is happening right now! In fact, we're about halfway through it, so we're in the very heart of winter. Now, there are exactly two kinds of people in the world: those who drown in malaise and cold once the holidays are over and those who gear up and get riding! With a little help from SuperATV, even the sourest winter grump can glean a little joy from the cooler months.

So grab some gear and charge into the great outdoors! This winter wonderland is only around for a little while.

Snow Plow

This one's obvious, right? If you live where it snows enough to make it dangerous getting out of your neighborhood, or you live far enough in the country that it takes 2 days for your road to get plowed, then you need a snow plow. And we've seen plenty of snow this season to justify the purchase You don't want to wait to get a snow plow either—don't be reactive. You want to get one before there's snow on the ground if you can. We see this year after year: Snow Plow sales are slow month after month. A few start shipping out to the North where it snows a little earlier in the year. Then, BAM! A snowstorm sweeps across a large swath of the US and suddenly we sell virtually all of our snow plows overnight. No matter how much we stock, we just get cleaned out. So grab a plow while you've got the chance! We've got complete kits that come with everything you need. They're designed with a frame that you can leave on year-round and a quick connect for the plow blade. All you need is a winch to operate.


Speaking of winches, you need one for more than just plowing. They're useful all year long and I don't think you should ever go riding without one. But they're especially useful in the wintertime when you can pull your neighbors out of ditches on your snow day. We've got 3500 lb, 4500 lb, and 5000lb winches available.

Windshields, roofs, and doors

Now that you've got your roads cleared, what's stopping you from taking the ol' Ranger out for a spin? Oh, right, it's freezing. And speeding through the country with that icy cold wind in your face is a good way to lose some fingers and a bit of your nose. Lucky for you we've got full cab doors, windshields, and roofs for your Ranger, RZR, and Defender so you can keep riding in comfort and keep the cold out. These things are great because they seal you in completely. You'll be surprised by just how warm your cab gets with some doors and windshields. We've got a full range of windshields, roofs, and doors for dozens of other vehicles if you don't happen to have a Ranger, RZR, or Defender. Feel free to head on over to to see these and other items to soup up your ride, and keep riding all winter long.