We Built a Mud Monster, and Here's How We Did It

SuperATV Mud Build

We took a 2017 Polaris Turbo and transformed it into the perfect mud mixing monster

Are you ready for some insane mud riding? Do you want a monster machine that can't be stopped? Do you want to stand above the crowd (and in the mud)? We did, so we took one of our favorite machines, the 2017 RZR Turbo and decked it out with all the best SuperATV parts to make it the the perfect mudding machine that can't be topped. The best part, these are all off the shelf SuperATV parts . You want this machine, you can make it with zero custom work.

SuperATV Mud Build1

What we got at the end was a beast—a huge machine with 16" of lift and with monster 40" Assassinator tires that bring the total height to nearly 22" over stock! But this isn't some impotent monster built for cuddles like Snuffleupagus. Not even close. We packed this build with enough bulletproof parts, high tech tunes, and critical clutching to make it scream through the trail.

The Build


The most obvious and biggest way to go big is with new suspension, and bigger suspension paves the way for huge tires—the real heart of a custom build. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

For this build we installed our fully adjustable 7-10" lift kit right on top of our 6" GDP Portal Gear Lift. That gives us massive clearance, plenty of room for some monster wheels and tires, and the gear reduction we need to turn them.

7-10” Lift Kit

Our fully adjustable 7-10" lift kit can be set to 7" or 10" depending on your preference (let's face it, your going with 10") and features high clearance A Arms, radius arms, and trailing arms. It's perfect for maximizing your clearance because the suspension gets out of the way so you don't get hung up on the random debris that would normally smack right into your A Arms.

The lift on this turbo gets the job done

This lift is power through-and-through with each item smartly designed to maximize style and strength. That’s why we built it with our unbreakable Rhino 2.0 axles and heavy duty steel throughout. Even our Z-bend tie rods are built with some serious gussets to keep them solid no matter how hard you hit that hole.

It’s so strong that all the suspension parts come with a Lifetime Warranty and our Rhino 2.0s come with an 18 month warranty. We’re pretty confident you won’t be breaking anything anytime soon.

6” Portal Gear Lift

For that extra oomph we installed our 6” GDP Portal Gear Lift. That brings the total lift up to 16”! All that lift must put tons of stress on your suspension parts right? That’s the beauty of GDP Portals—they don’t add any extra angle to your suspension, so we can plop our massive lift kit right on top without a care.

The other added benefit is the 40% gear reduction that means we get a nice injection of torque to our drive train. We need all the torque we can get where we’re planning on taking this machine, and those monster Assassinator Tires… 4

40” Assassinator Tires

40 inch Assassinator tires give us the clearance and grip we need for deep mud.

I said they were monsters didn’t I? We knew we were going to be taking this souped up Turbo through some pretty serious mud mayhem, so we stuck the biggest, baddest mud tire on the planet on there—40” Assassinator tires. For those keeping track at home, that brings up to 22” of extra clearance over stock. These tires have a 3” tread depth and a serious lug pattern designed specifically to destroy mud. We stuck them on a set of our 20” Healy Fast Series Wheels to make sure they kept turning no matter how much abuse we put them through.

There’s only one universal truth in the world: if you're doing mud, do Assassinators.

Rev1 Clutch Kit and ECU Tune

With all that extra weight we couldn’t settle with our stock clutch setup. If we stuck with stock we’d be shredding belts every 5 minutes. Instead of carrying a dozen spare belts, we decided to install a Rev1 clutch kit. Not only will the new clutch springs and clutch arms save our belts, they’ll give us a nice torque boost in the mud.

We decided to take it a step further with a Rev1 ECU tune that has been perfectly matched to our clutch kit. By optimizing spark firing times and total turbo boost, we’re able to get a huge amount of extra horsepower and torque out of our humble Turbo. The best part is that it’s plug and play! A Rev1 ECU tune is the easiest way to get a huge boost to performance. With it, you can go from mild to wild in under 5 minutes. Not a bad use of your time. Those 6 inch portals and the 45% gear reduction they come with allow us to crawl up anything.

Machine Protection

When you’re going this big with this much power on the mud holes we were planning on hitting, you need some serious protection. Luckily we’ve got all that here at SuperATV

Full Fender Protection Kit

When you go big, you can hit mud holes like this

Our full fender protection kit was perfect for this build because it offers not only extreme front and rear bumpers, but also wrap-around protection over your wheel wells and along the sides below your doors. That means that no matter what angle you take a hit from, you and your lights and your plastic body work are protected.

ARMW Skid Plate

In the off chance that something jumped off the trail and cleared all 22” of lift, we don’t want to trust the health of our behinds to a stock skid plate. That’s why we use SuperATV’s ARMW skid plate. SuperATV’s proprietary skid plate material is similar to UHMW and has a very high abrasion resistance, unmatched impact strength, and ridiculously low wear characteristics. It’s perfect for our extreme brand of mud holing.

5000lb Black Ops Winch

We’re not planning on using it much, but it’s always good to bring along a 5000lb winch in case you have a low talent moment. Better safe than sorry we always say, and we might be able to help some other machines get out of their low talent moments. Our 5000lb winch will pull us through any obstacle we get hung up on, even with all the extra lift and tire weight.

Creature Comforts

Just because we like to go big doesn’t mean we don’t like to have a few creature comforts. For this build we used SuperATV seats so we could have a nice cushy but secure ride. We also installed our roof mounted speaker system that features 4 50-watt amps and a waterproof design. We wanted to make sure we could pump out all our tunes as easily as we could roll through mud.

For extra eyes when installed side-view and rear-view mirrors and included a rear windshield in case our rear tires decided to fling any mud our way.

Of course we had a cargo box to keep… drinks in. We would never go on a ride without it!

Flip Windshield

The last and probably the most important piece of the comfortable drive picture is our Flip Windshield. This hard coated polycarbonate windshield is bulletproof—literally. They use polycarbonate for security reasons in banks and it is actually bulletproof. You can’t break it. And the hard coating gives it abrasion and UV resistance so you don’t have to mar it up just by going through a tight trail. It’s exactly the windscreen this extreme build needs. SuperATV Mud Build7

Want One?

Do you want this build? Check out the store at SuperATV.com—it’s all there (except for the RZR Turbo—you provide your own.) This custom work has zero custom fabrication. It’s made entirely out of off the shelf SuperATV parts. What are you waiting for? Your mud monster awaits.