We Will Make Your Life Better With EZ-STEER Power Steering

This is the heart of SuperATV's power steering kit

Allow me to state the obvious here: power steering is great. It's so great, in fact, that we tend to not even notice it when it's working but suddenly feel like our vehicle is an undrivable heap of junk if the power steering stops.

Power steering is one of the most practical and useful features on a vehicle that also improves that magic "feel" of a ride—that feel when your machine starts to disappear and you can no longer tell the difference between your fingertips and tire tread.

Navigate rocks like nobody's business

That feeling disappears instantly when you try to make a 3-point turn without power steering while your friends watch you struggle with all the grace of a pregnant hippo.

We can help you achieve riding nirvana with one of our power steering kits. We cooked up the EZ-STEER power steering kit years ago and have been the leader in the aftermarket power steering scene ever since. We've got the expertise to bring you the power steering you need.

EZ-STEER is a perfect fit

There are a few challenges to making the best possible power steering kit for each individual vehicle. The first thing we worry about is making sure we get the right motor for the right vehicle. You don't want too small a motor for a big 4-seater RZR 1000, that's why we've got a 400 watt motor in that kit. Likewise, you don't need a big motor with a big power draw on something like a Polaris Ace, so we put a smaller 220 watt motor in that kit. We always make sure you have the right amount of power for your vehicle so it acts the way you expect it to.

Hand-in-hand with motor size comes fitment. Some vehicles don't give us a lot of room to work with. Luckily we've been designing these kits for a while. We know how to cram motors into the chassis of any vehicle and we know how to make it easy. Each kit comes with a unique set of brackets to ensure your motor is secure and rigid with minimal install time.

But it's not all about how it's built and how easy it is to get going, it's about what it does for you while you're riding. If you find yourself getting sore after a few hours of riding then you should get a power steering kit. If you've ever hit something hard enough to jerk your steering wheel out of your hands then you should get a power steering kit. Or if you just want your basic driving motions (like making a 3-point turn) to be easy, then get a power steering kit!

Power steering saves your hands!

save your hands

Let's talk about that situation where the steering wheel comes out of your hands. Let's say you're careening down a trail and glance off a low stump that you didn't see. Your wheel gets ripped out of you hands and, if you're moving fast enough, you end up off the trail in the trees. Hopefully you didn't do too much damage.

But vehicle damage might be the least of your worries. You could easily break a finger or a wrist just from the steering wheel jerking out of your hands.  That leads to a whole lot less riding and a whole lot more putting your pants on with one hand. (Try it! The zipper's especially tough.)

Speed Sensor

EZ-STEER Power Steering Kits are also designed to take advantage of your vehicle's speed sensor. If you're not sure why that matters let me explain. Without power steering it's difficult to make sharp turns at slow speeds. At high speeds you're not (or shouldn't be) making sharp turns so steering is easier.

With a power steering kit hooked up to a speed sensor it adjusts the amount of assist based on your speed. It will assist less at high speeds to keep you stable. If the power steering was still at full assist when you we're going 60 mph, your steering would feel very jerky and you'd feel like you weren't in control. Making use of your speed sensor is a must for faster vehicles!

Power steering makes way for fun

Power steering just makes it more fun to ride. It makes cornering, tight trails, rock gardens, and even pulling it onto a trailer easier. The only people that will argue that it's more fun to fight the steering wheel while they ride are people who have never used power steering before and people with arms built like cannons who can't touch their face because their biceps are too huge.

perfect for race and recreation alike

Power steering makes your life easier and gets the machine out of the way so you can enjoy the ride. It gives you perfect, buttery-smooth control of your vehicle and connects you to the trail. But don't take my word for it. Take it from these guys:

"It works great on my 2012 RZR XP 900 I have 3500 miles on it and can't believe I rode all of that without the EZ-STEER!"

"Product is great! Makes my RZR so much more enjoyable! Excellent customer service!"

"Excellent kit. Works like it should have been part of my Teryx from factory!!"
- M

"The power steering kit from SuperATV installed perfect, fits like a dream, works like a champ. Couldn't be happier.

"Just installed the power steering unit... Best thing I ever bought for my Teryx."

We've got EZ-STEER Power Steering kits for just about every UTV and ATV out there. We even have universal kits for everything else. (Take a look if you're curious. It's easier to get a universal kit going than you might think.)

More ways to make your life easier

Power steering isn't the only way to make your ride easier and more fun. We've got loads of roofs, and windshields to help keep the elements out and keep you comfortable. Our windshields are made from polycarbonate that's 200 times stronger than glass and have the option to be hard coated. Our hard coating gives them incredible protection against scratching so can keep riding with crystal clarity for years to come. We custom cut our windshields to match the contour of every machine. Pair that with a roof and you've got serious, long-lasting protection against the elements that let you have a comfortable ride in any conditions.

Pick up a SuperATV Black Ops Winch to complete the package and make sure you can get through any obstacle. It's the perfect complement to your power steering kit and will help make sure your smooth, comfortable ride makes it to the end of the trail. And just like power steering, we've got a winch to fit any need whether you need a 3500 lb winch, a 4500 lb winch, or a 5000 lb winch. Plus we've got the winch mounting plates to match.

Check out SuperATV.com for all our products Also: hopefully you weren't in a public place when you were messing your fly a few minutes ago. Happy riding!