We Went to the Sand Sports Super Show and it Was... Super!

SuperATV was at the Sand Sports Super Show last weekend in Costa Mesa, California. It's called "Super" for a reason. It's a huge show—one of the biggest and best shows we've ever seen. Over 300 vendors attended the show that is designed to celebrate all things sand.

More custom UTVs than you can handle

Along with the vendors came more custom RZRs, Rangers, Mavericks, and YXZs than you could count. Jordan, a dealer rep here at SuperATV was on the ground at the show: "Sand Sport Super Show was a great event, SuperATV was able to get out to the West Coast and see what it’s all about. Side by Sides were everywhere you turned, with some really incredible builds!" One of those custom builds was an RZR built by the American Sand Association.

This sand scorching spectacle was put together with parts from a bunch of different vendors. SuperATV donated the A arms, trailing arms, and rear radius rods. Together with the rest of the vendors who donated, we made a pretty cool vehicle that was the center of attention at the show. This dune destroyer will be raffled off at next year's show with all proceeds going to help keep the Imperial Sand Dunes open to public riding for years to come.

The ASA loves dunes

The American Sand Association ran the show, and they're all about keeping sand dunes open to the public. If you live out west or love going to the dunes, then these guys are your best friends. "The American Sand Association depends on the business community to validate and support the important issues that affect the Imperial Sand Dunes. Over the last 16 years, the ASA has grown into the largest grass-roots organization leading the fight to preserve and protect the public’s access at the Imperial Sand Dunes." SuperATV Sand Sports Super Show Glamis is a part of the Imperial Sand Dunes area and that seemed to be all anybody could talk about. Between running around like a mad man to keep everything running smoothly, Jordan got to talk to a fair few of you guys. "All you heard about was Glamis, Glamis, Glamis, so the next stop for us here at SuperATV will be Glamis.  I hope the western crowd will be just as excited as we are to venture that way." You guys sure love your dunes. And we love going to events like this where you can share your love with us at SuperATV. It's a long haul from Indiana for us to see some sand, but every time we head out west we fall in love with it all over again. You can bet we've got dunes on the brain now. SSSSSuperATVAs a closing note, You guys seemed very interested in our Hand Held ECU Tuners while we were out there. So let me just briefly remind you that they are rad. And if you install a clutch kit along with tune you'll see some pretty wild results. You can learn more about them HERE and a lot more HERE. And head over to SuperATV.com to see everything else! We hope to see you guys at the Sand Sports Super Show next year. It's one of the best shows have the privilege of attending. If you were on the fence this year you owe yourself to go next year. It's a spectacle well worth the price of admission. See you there!