The Gear You Need to Keep Riding All Winter Long

Man Getting Out of Passenger Side Door of a Yellow and Black Can-Am Defender

Winter is almost upon us. The leaves are changing, the temperature's dropping, and the sky is gray more often than not. It won't be long before we have snow piling up on our doorstep, and if you're not ready, it'll mean throwing a tarp over your UTV and letting it sit in the garage until spring.

What a waste! Not only is riding in the winter a whole different experience from riding in any other season (got a frozen lake nearby?) but having the right tools equipped on your machine can make your day-to-day life so much easier when the snow threatens to seal you in.

SuperATV has your winter supply needs covered. From snow plows to windshields, having the right gear can make a world of difference.

Snow Plow

This one's obvious, right? If you live where it snows enough to make getting out of your neighborhood dangerous, or you live far enough in the country that it takes two days for your road to get plowed, then you need a snow plow. When SuperATV's parking lot gets covered, you better believe that we've got a couple of Rangers out there clearing it first thing in the morning.

Olive Green Polaris Ranger with Snow Plow
SuperATV's snow plows make quick work of clearing snow off your driveway and road.
You don't want to wait to get a snow plow either because that's what everybody else does. You want to get one before there's snow on the ground if you can. We see this year after year: snow plow sales are slow month after month. A few start shipping out to the North where it snows a little earlier in the year. Then, BAM! A snowstorm sweeps across a large swath of the US and suddenly we sell through most of our snow plows overnight.

Grab a Plow Pro Snow Plow now while you've got the chance! We've got complete kits that come with everything you need. They're designed with a frame that you can leave on year-round and a quick connect for the plow blade. All you need is a winch to operate.


Speaking of winches, you need one for more than just plowing. They're useful all year long and I don't think you should ever go riding without one. But they're especially useful in the wintertime when you can help pull your neighbors out of ditches.

SuperATV's synthetic rope Black Ops Winches can't be beat. We've got 3500 lb, 4500 lb, and 5000 lb winches available. Just remember, your options are pretty limited if you get stuck without one.

Windshields, roofs, and doors

Now that you've got your roads cleared, what's stopping you from taking the ol' Ranger out for a spin? Oh, right, it's freezing. Speeding along with that icy air in your face is a good way to have exactly zero fun.

A UTV with a SuperATV windshield installed
Our windshields protect you from snow and wind.
Lucky for you SuperATV has a great selection of full cab doors, windshields, and roofs for your Ranger, RZR, and Defender so you can keep riding in comfort and keep the cold out. These things are great because they seal you in your cab completely. Keeping the wind off your face makes a huge difference when you're riding in the freezing cold.

We've got a full range of windshields, roofs, and doors for dozens of other vehicles as well if you don't happen to have a Ranger, RZR, or Defender. Check out our windshield selection.

Cab Heaters Coming Soon

To make those winter rides and chores really comfy, pick up one of SuperATV's Cab Heaters. They're not out yet, but they are coming very soon.

Cab Heaters are coming soon
Cab Heaters will be available soon.
They tap directly into your coolant line and pump that extra engine heat to your cab. They've even got extra radiator hoses and vents so you can install windshield defrosters.

Whether you want to go for a ride or you have to get out and clear the roads, a little extra heat can mean the difference between misery and luxury.

So there you have it – everything you need to keep riding your UTV the whole winter. Who knows? You might just decide it's your favorite time to ride!

Black Polaris RZR driving through a creek