Rugged Radios on Destination Polaris

Hey guys, Destination Polaris is at it again, scouring the country for custom-built Polaris machines to add to Project X. Next up on their list is Rugged Radios and they've got something very special planned that you won't want to miss. It's quite a bit different than the builds we've done. Every Project X build Destination Polaris features is impressive and Rugged Radios' build is no different. It's a surprising and eye-catching build that's sure to impress. Although if you're keen-eyed you may have already seen their build out in the wild somewhere. Rugged Radios makes radios for off-road vehicles, so when it came to making upgrades they called on others in the industry to provide. We sent them a 3" lift kit but you'll have to watch the episode to see what it's for! The episode will be airing Sunday morning on Fox Sports. Don't miss it!    

Straight Talk About ECU Tuners and Clutches

Chances are, you have some idea about what the ECU on your vehicle is and what tuning your ECU does. But the true complexity of what is happening in your ECU before and after a tune may have eluded you. If you want to know more about what they do and how we tweak them to get the very best performance (we won't tell you everything. We've got to keep some secrets, right?), feel free to read on and enlighten yourself.

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Inside Tech: XRF Material Analyzer

Learn about how SuperATV uses the XRF Analyzer to enThe XRF Analyzer is a small, brick-sized device shaped like a gun from some sci-fi movie. Its job is to make sure the material we have is the material we want. When we "shoot" something, we stick the "barrel" of the XRF onto a piece of metal, pull the trigger, and it gives us a readout of exactly what the elemental composition of the material is.

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SuperATV at the Unlimited Off-Road Expo

Every year the Unlimited Off-Road Expo comes to Louisville, Kentucky and brings with it one of the largest gatherings of manufacturers and retails for all things off-road anywhere in the country. And it's not just UTVs on display - although we did have a pretty slick display of vehicles there - there are plenty trucks, buggies, and Jeeps at the event every year.

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