Tyler Greves Racer Bio

Tyler Greves

TEAM: Team SuperATV AGE: 28 HOMETOWN: Madison, IN YEARS RACING: 23 My love of racing started at the age of two with a Suzuki JR 50 dirt bike. From the first time riding a machine with a throttle all the way until now, my passion for motorsports has grown, with good faith, hard work, and strong passion I race for Team SuperATV. We had an excellent 2016 season for our first season with a race team. We finished all desert races we set out to finish which is an accomplishment in itself. Over half the field at all 3 races didn’t even finish. To say we are proud as a team with those results for our first time racing UTV’s is an understatement. We have learned so much about racing and making our parts better over the last year it is incredible. 2016 was our Rookie Year in the world of UTV racing. Our 2017 season has been a little up and down. I'm proud of our guys that we were still able to finish all the desert races again. We'll take what we learned this year and keep moving forward.

2017 Races

• King of the Hammers: 24th out of 65 [Finisher] • UTV World Championship: [Finisher] • Mint 400: [Finisher]

2016 Races

• King of the Hammers: 13th out of 65 [Finisher] • UTV World Championship: 13th out of 25 [Finisher] • Mint 400: 12th out of 26 [Finisher] • DTOR King of the Shell Series: 2nd place overall [youtube] [youtube] [gallery ids="1800,1803,1809,1810,1811,1806,1805,1804,1802" type="rectangular" orderby="rand"]  

Guest Post: SlikRok Productions Carrier Bearing Install

SlikRok Productions is back again with a different sort of post for you. This time they're bringing you a nice instructional video on how to install our Heavy Duty Polaris Carrier Bearing along with some of their impressions. After you check out their video be sure to check out the rest of their stuff over on YouTube. They've got other how-to videos as well as tons of footage of events and custom builds. Check it out! You can also see what these guys are up to on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Now let's see how easy it is to install that carrier bearing: So there has been a lot of aftermarket carrier bearings and we have installed our fair share. One thing they all have in common is they are a pain in the back side to install. I am not talking negative about any specific brand, because the quality on them was really nice. They all just failed when it comes to ease of installation. Too many hours have been lost, and too many words were said while fighting to get them installed. The SuperATV carrier bearing is a 3 piece bearing which allowed us to leave the rear drive shaft in the machine and slip the bearing over then sandwich it back into place. It really couldn’t have gone any better. The carrier is milled out of aluminum and the bearing is actually greaseable. So if you are in the market don’t hesitate on getting yours from SuperATV.