Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe on the Trail

These UTVs aren't just big toys, they're heavy duty machines that require just as much care to operate as a road vehicle. Make safety your number one concern every time you ride, and you're guaranteed to have many smile-filled days ahead.

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Tips That Will Save Your [Lame] OEM Reverse Chain

Polaris vehicles have one big, well-known problem: the reverse chain. This problem mainly affects the RZR line and the RZR 1000 in particular but no matter what you drive, you're bound to hear countless stories of people breaking their reverse chains.

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Tire Secrets That Will Unlock Your UTV's Potential

If you're not running the right tire, then you're undercutting your machine's potential. Sometimes the best-looking tire—you know, the one with treads like a chainsaw on steroids that makes your hackles stand up—isn't the best for your riding style and can even make your vehicle harder to drive.

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