The Gear You Need to Keep Riding All Winter Long

Man Getting Out of Passenger Side Door of a Yellow and Black Can-Am Defender

Winter is almost upon us. The leaves are changing, the temperature's dropping, and the sky is gray more often than not. It won't be long before we have snow piling up on our doorstep, and if you're not ready, it'll mean throwing a tarp over your UTV and letting it sit in the garage until spring

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We're Charged Up About the Nikola NZT All Electric UTV

Rendering of the Nikola NZT All Electric UTV

While electric UTVs have been around almost as long as the UTV itself, there hasn't been that one battery-laden vehicle that makes sense for the off-road market. The electric vehicle manufacturer, Nikola, is looking to make the first true enthusiast electric UTV

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The Surprising Origins of Portal Gear Lifts

The History of Portal Gear Lifts

Portals have a murky history from their origins pre-World War II to their wide-spread commercial, agricultural, and military use. One thing is clear: the creation and application of portals has been a worldwide effort spanning the better part of a century — and they sure make riding a whole lot more fun.

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