Madison, Indiana - Home of SuperATV

The unassuming small town of Madison, Indiana has been the home of SuperATV since its inception in 2003. It's a humble home for SuperATV, but it's not quite like any other small town around. The 208-year-old city is located right on the banks of the Ohio River. The downtown is literally down in the Ohio River Valley 400 feet below the rest of the town that was built on the 'Hilltop'.

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Don't Quit Riding This Winter!

You don't have to skip winter! In a lot of ways, it's the best time of year to go for a ride! Snow has it's own special way of being fun that nothing else the rest of the year can offer. So here's why you should be outside on your side-by-side instead of sitting on your couch and dreaming of spring.

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New LED Whip Lights from SuperATV

We've got some new LED whip lights available to spice up your ride. Now you can show off day or night with a bright, colorful whip hanging off the back of your machine. And the cool thing about these whip lights is that you control the color with your phone.

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We Saw Cool Cars and Cool People at SEMA 2017

We went to SEMA in Las Vegas, Nevada and if you weren't there, you should have been. We saw tons of cool cars, tons of cool people, and tons of cool SuperATV fans. The biggest automotive show on the planet is big for a reason, and we are never disappointed at SEMA. So take a look at who and what we saw last week at the show!

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All About Offset A Arms and What They do for You

Here at SuperATV, we have a variety of A arms available for your consideration. We have boxed A arms, tube A arms, high clearance A arms, and offset A arms. It can be a lot to think about. Right now I'm going to talk about the most important A arm feature to consider: 0" and 1.5" offset A arms.

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Scary Stories to Tell on the Trail

What's better than going for a ride at your favorite ride park in fall? Cool air, the blazing colors of Autumn, plenty of mud—perfect conditions. But what happens when you're out on the trail, miles away from your trailer, and the sun goes down? The days are getting shorter; the nights are getting longer. Your lights are bright but you can't see the creatures watching you from the woods. Don't slow down, or you might become a permanent resident.

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The 2017 SEMA Show is Coming Up!

The SEMA show is one of the largest trade show events in the country and this year's rendition is right around the corner. We've been going to SEMA since 2011 and we're elated to be going back to Las Vegas next week for this year's show. This year's show runs from October 31st to November 3rd so come check us out!

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Introducing SuperATV's Gen 2 Portals

That's right. We've taken everything we've learned about portals in the last 2+ years and made new, better, stronger portals. They were already great, but now they're even greater. Here's what's new in our Gen 2 portals.

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Sara Price Racer Bio

Sara Price

AGE: 25 YEARS RACING: 17 Sara Price is a professional Motocross and Supercross racer, and is the first-ever factory-supported female racer under Kawasaki USA. Under Kawasaki USA, she has competed in every UTV race series she can, across all disciplines. She has competed in short course, desert racing, and even rock crawling. She is also an X Games medalist in Super-X. Sara earned the 2016 Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame Rising Star Award in the UTV/ATV/MX category, in recognition of her many UTV and MXX championships and efforts. Sara was also the first female participant in Stadium Super Trucks. In 2017, Sara has been racing the RPM Offroad Trophy Truck and Trophy Truck Spec. As the winner of the Next Female Hoonigan, Sara piloted a Fiat Rally Car in the Mt. Washington Auto Road Hill Climb and San Pedro Martir Hillclimb in Baja, Mexico. She also works as a stunt professional, and has appeared in advertising and films seen nationally and worldwide. Sara Price is well on her way to racing everything possible. She's breaking boundaries and setting the record straight everywhere she goes to make sure everyone knows "women can be gorgeous and be just as good as the men on the track." Check Sara out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. She's making waves so make sure you catch them! [gallery type="rectangular" size="medium" link="file" ids="5888,5890,5891,5889,5887"]