Team SuperATV is on the Starting Line Again—This Time They're in Bad Blood and There's $150,000 Up for Grabs

Team SuperATV is headed to WindRock Park in Oliver Springs Tennessee to take part in the Race2Riches2! Race2Riches2 features 100 of the best extreme hill climbing racers all in their custom rock bouncers or custom UTV buggies. They will compete for the best time in a series of insane hill climbs in hopes of taking home a part of the $150,000 prize pool. The top 3 finishers from each class will go home with a brand new Can-Am or Polaris UTV of their choice. So Team SuperATV is sending Tyler Greves and Bad Blood to see if he can take home a piece of that pie. [caption id="attachment_5679" align="alignright" width="501"]Tyler Greves Race2Riches TeamSuperATV driver, Tyler Greves[/caption] Speaking of Bad Blood, this beast has changed quite a bit since its unveiling on Destination Polaris last year. Bad Blood started life as a 2016 RZR Turbo and was transformed into the ultimate rock bouncing buggy. For its competition debut at Race2Riches2, it'll be rocking: •SuperATV's +3 long travel kit •Rhino 2.0 axles •Rack Boss Steering Rack •Rev1 clutch Kit •Rev1 ECU tune •SuperATV's 4500 lb Black Ops winch •SuperATV seats and harness •Big Horn tires •Healy Fast Series beadlock wheels It's quite the package and Tyler is looking forward to dominating all 4 hills behind the wheel. Tyler has been racing for years and riding for even longer. Recently, he's been tearing it up in the Dirty Turtle Off-Road Racing Series. When he's not racing competitively, he's ripping up hill sides and creek beds, so the Race2Riches is right up his alley. And he's had plenty of time behind the wheel of Bad Blood here in Indiana. [caption id="attachment_5682" align="alignleft" width="335"]Tim Cameron Tim Cameron giving his RZR a tune here at SuperATV[/caption] Last year, Tim Cameron took 1st place for the UTV Buggy class and went home with a wad of cash and a brand new RZR Turbo. Tim earned his top spot in his custom RZR complete with SuperATV Rev1 clutching and tune. So Bad Blood is like a cousin to Tim's winning RZR. This year is a new race with new hills, new competitors, and a bigger prize pool. The payout will go to the driver that hits the best line, gives it the most throttle, and gets just a little bit lucky. We're bound to see some amazing rollovers and even more amazing recoveries. With 100 rigs going up those hills, anything and everything will happen. So come on out to Windrock Park in Oliver Springs Tennessee to cheer on Tyler and Bad Blood in the Race2Riches2! It's going to be rowdy and fun. And you'll get to see the biggest payout in competitive rock bouncing history. If you want to make your vehicle rock worthy check out SuperATV's +3 long travel kit, Rhino 2.0 axles, harnesses, and winches. They're all the same parts featured on Bad Blood! And here's some fun footage from last year's Race2Riches. Good luck Tyler! You and Bad Blood go show those hills who's in charge! Race2Riches

We Love Gear Reductions, but How do They Work?

Gear reductions, gear reductions, gear reductions. We like to throw them in wherever we can. And why wouldn't we? Gear reductions give you more torque—the most coveted of specs for the off road enthusiast. But what is a gear reduction? Of course you know they get you more torque at the cost of speed, and you probably know that it comes from different gear ratios, but what that means and why it works is deceptively simple. Here's how a couple of gears can change the way you ride.

You need a big gear and a little gear

Let's start with the very basics of a gear reduction. You first need a big gear (let's say it has 30 teeth) and a little gear (let's say it has 15 teeth) and put them together. Turning one gear will cause the other gear to turn. Super simple. gear reductions If you decide to turn the large gear by hand, you'll notice a lot of resistance, but the connected small gear make 2 rotations for every one rotation of the large gear. You will gain a bunch of speed (output rpm is 2 times the input rpm) but lose torque. If you decide to turn the small gear by hand, you'll have almost no resistance, but you'll have to turn it three times to make the big gear turn just once. You lose speed but gain torque. Now speed doesn't do you much good if you don't have enough torque. You can spin that gear as fast as you want but as soon as you put a wheel and tire on there, it'll stop dead. That's why you mostly see gear reductions that increase your torque and decrease speed. That trade-off is much more favorable because the extra torque will make up for a lot of the lost speed when you're riding off road. Your speed is compromised by uneven terrain but torque helps you keep going.

It's all about leverage

But how does using a little gear to turn a big gear get you more torque? That simply has to do with leverage. Everybody's favorite old dead guy, Archimedes, said "Give me a long enough lever and I shall move the world," or something like that (ancient translations are wonky.) The point is, the two gears moving together act like two levers trying to move each other. The big gear has a big lever and the small gear has a small lever. gear reductions As you know, it's easier to turn a stubborn nut with a long handled wrench—and the longer the better. It's the same thing with gears. Your little gear is turned by a motor in the center and has a lot of leverage against the large gear that is being turned at the edge of the gear. And out pops your bonus torque. Now you've got a healthier drive train and the ability to run bigger tires. If you're still not sure, imagine you have a frozen nut with a breaker bar on it: that's the big gear and the radius that gear is the length of the breaker bar. You are the small gear and your radius is the length of your arm. You can turn a much tougher nut in this setup than you could without a breaker bar, but it'll take a lot longer to unscrew it completely.

Gear reductions everywhere

We get the gear reduction in our portals by applying this science (portals have a third gear between the big and little gear. The middle gear's job is to make sure your wheels turn in the right direction and it doesn't affect torque. Just FYI.) And obviously the same thing happens in your standard gear reduction kit that you stick in your transmission. Gear reductions exist all over your stock machine as well. They're in your differentials and transmission. But those are just stock. So check out to see how you can take some simple physics lessons and turn them into over-the-top off-roading fun.

Winter Can Be Fun Too With Gear From SuperATV

Winter's Here

SuperATV WinterWinter is happening right now! In fact, we're about halfway through it, so we're in the very heart of winter. Now, there are exactly two kinds of people in the world: those who drown in malaise and cold once the holidays are over and those who gear up and get riding! With a little help from SuperATV, even the sourest winter grump can glean a little joy from the cooler months.

So grab some gear and charge into the great outdoors! This winter wonderland is only around for a little while.

Snow Plow

Plow Pro Snow PlowThis one's obvious, right? If you live where it snows enough to make it dangerous getting out of your neighborhood, or you live far enough in the country that it takes 2 days for your road to get plowed, then you need a snow plow. And we've seen plenty of snow this season to justify the purchase You don't want to wait to get a snow plow either—don't be reactive. You want to get one before there's snow on the ground if you can. We see this year after year: Snow Plow sales are slow month after month. A few start shipping out to the North where it snows a little earlier in the year. Then, BAM! A snow storm sweeps across a large swath of the US and suddenly we sell virtually all of our snow plows overnight. No matter how much we stock, we just get cleaned out. So grab a plow while you've got the chance! We've got complete kits that come with everything you need. They're designed with a frame that you can leave on year-round and a quick connect for the plow blade. All you need is a winch to operate.


SuperATV WinchSpeaking of winches, you need one for more than just plowing. They're useful all year long and I don't think you should ever go riding without one. But they're especially useful in the wintertime when you can pull your neighbors out of ditches on your snow day. We've got 3500 lb, 4500 lb, and 5000lb winches available.

Windshields, roofs, and doors

Now that you've got your roads cleared, what's stopping you from taking the ol' Ranger out for a spin? Oh, right, it's freezing. And speeding through the country with that icy cold wind in your face is a good way to lose some fingers and a bit of your nose. Lucky for you we've got full cab doors, windshields, and roofs for your Ranger, RZR, and Defender so you can keep riding in comfort and keep the cold out. These things are great because they seal you in completely. You'll be surprised by just how warm your cab gets with some doors and windshields. We've got a full range of windshields, roofs, and doors for dozens of other vehicles if you don't happen to have a Ranger, RZR, or Defender. Feel free to head on over to to see these and other items to soup up your ride, and keep riding all winter long.  

Portal Pairs! What to Add to Your Portal Gear Lift to Take Your Machine Over the Top

Our GDP Portal Gear Lifts are pretty great on their own and come in a couple different varieties. You can either go with our 4" portal lift which gives you a 30% gear reduction in addition to the lift or our 6" portal which gives you a 45% gear reduction. They're both great choices but why stop there? It's easy to take the next step and pair your portal with a big lift or bigger tires. Portals open up a world of possibilities that will allow you to cross the Rubicon with an unwavering poise reminiscent of Depth Finder. But you can go bigger still. Let me show you how. First, you should take a good look at Depth Finder. DSC_5443 Are you finished? ....OK let's talk about Depth Finder. It's BIG. Really big. You know what makes it big? It's not the square tubing or the sweet graphics. Apart from the fact that it's a 4-seater all the bigness of Depth Finder comes from the 10" lift on 4" portals with 36" Intimidator tires. You could achieve even greater bigness (I promise I won't use that word again) by putting the same 7-10" lift on 6" portals with 40" Assassinators. Then you would have a full 4" more clearance than Depth Finder. Imagine pulling up next to Depth Finder and looking down at the driver. That's pretty big. Mud Trudgin'Maybe you don't want to go bigger and you just want to take advantage of that newfound torque. In that case, you'll just want to slap on the biggest tires that will fit. You'll feel how much torque you have when you hit the gas and don't feel the weight of those big tires at all. You'll be grinning ear to ear as you crawl over huge obstacles like you were in a tank. If you're slapping on big tires you'll want to make sure you've got power steering that can handle it. If your stock machine doesn't have power steering be sure to grab a kit. You could also simply bolster your suspension with a set of boxed high clearance A-arms to give you a bit more clearance and stability without making any major modifications. While you're at it grab a set of Rhino 2.0 axles. Our portal gear lifts are kind to your axles but it never hurts to beef it up! Plus they come with that oh-so-sweet 18-month warranty. No matter what you do, grab an ECU Handheld Tuner for an instant upgrade to torque and power. Pair that with a clutch kit and you'll be golden. If you want even more torque you can pick up a Transmission Gear Reduction Kit. Then you'll have gear reductions on top of gear reductions! You'll be crawling up the side of buildings. Don't forget a winch! Your portals will make you the most capable wincher on the trail and your buddies will be looking at you for help. Just like they look to After Shock for help. If you've got a little more time on your hands, you could take your portal gear lift and make your own After Shock.

These Guys are Riding on Portals and Here's What They Have to Say About Them

We talk a lot about the advantages of running our GDP Portal Gear Lifts. Why would you believe us though? Of course we're trying to sell you something and of course we think the thing we made is great. Well don't listen to us, listen to these guys:
Ross PilgreenI installed the Gear Driven Performance portals on my custom rock crawling and racing RZR. I raced the second trip out with them and won the Ultra4 Hot Springs event on a brutal 9+ mile course. The amount of gear reduction is excellent for 32-35" tires. I'm now able to use high range like a stock machine. I'm an axle killer and I have yet to break an axle since installing the portals. The extra clearance and load off the drivetrain is phenomenal. -Ross Pilgreen, Little Rock, Arkansas
scott maloneGDP Portal Gear Lift from SuperATV has Turned my 2015 RZR 900 Trail into a tire shredding, mud-slinging beast. The portal lift keeps my axles from extreme angles and reduces stress on drivetrain with the 30% gear reduction. The super dense Midwest mud doesn't stand a chance. -Scott Malone aka Northern Rider, Lake Island, Illinois
I will never own another RZR without portals. We didn’t brake one factory axle, or burn up one factory belt. For us that is very very rare. The 30% gear reduction relieved so much stress throughout the whole drivetrain. Oh and by the way we are running 34″ tires! The added ground clearance made typical obstacles easier and allowed us to stretch outside our comfort zone and try harder and more difficult obstacles. A big concern was what were we going to lose off the top end and that concern was quickly put to rest when I still hit 65 mph with ease. I am running a 2015 RZR XP 1000 and it pulls harder off the line than a new stock turbo. That is no exaggeration. These portals are designed and built so well. -Jake Andersen of SlikRok Productions, Logan, Utah IMG_0125

Chris Fischer Can't See!

Chris has been completely blind from the age of 14. He doesn't drive and doesn't hold a driver's license. But that hasn't stopped him from doing what he loves.

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SuperATV: A Facility Tour in Pictures

We have a lot of folks come by the SuperATV headquarters in Madison, Indiana. Most of them are just picking up parts they ordered and few get to see the entire facility. So I thought we'd put together a little visual tour of the place we work. There's no wasted space here. To see what else is inside SuperATV, be sure to check out our store.   [gallery ids="5221,5274,5222,5223,5224,5225,5226,5227,5242,5228,5229,5230,5231,5243,5232,4150,4152,4153,5233,5235,5236,5237,5239,5240,5241" type="rectangular"]  

Polaris Vs. Can-Am: A Battle for the Ages

It seems like side by side fans all over the world are stuck in an eternal battle for vehicular supremacy.  If you're a fan of UTVs then you've got to pick a side and jab at your buddies for picking the obviously inferior Polaris, Can-Am, Kawasaki, Arctic Cat, Yamaha or Honda. It doesn't really matter what they have - you just know yours is better.

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