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RZR XP 4 1000

Inspired by the military Humvee, our Depth Finder custom build casts an intimidating profile, with massive ground clearance, one-of-a-kind doors and roof, and performance that lets you dig deep and let the mud fly.

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4" Portal Gear Lift

Adding lift doesn’t mean sacrificing performance with GDP Portal Gear Lifts. Perfect for the Depth Finder custom build, GDP Portal Gear Lifts preserve torque and horsepower, while achieving a 30% gear reduction and adding 4” of lift. Built to put OEM parts to shame, GDP Portal Gear Lifts pack over a decade of suspension know-how in every kit.

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Assassinator Mud Tires

Built for Battle, our Assassinator mud tires make the perfect addition to our Depth Finder build. These massive 36” tires maintain a lean profile to cut down resistance, while the deep tread and self-cleaning design keep you from getting bogged down, no matter what bog you’re blazing through..

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Clutch Kit

Our Rev1 clutch kit is field tested and rider approved to maintain throttle response when running the over-sized mud tires and added weight that are part of this custom build. Specially made to maintain performance and a smooth gear throw, the Rev1 clutch kit will come through time and the clutch.

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Tough looking and tough enough to handle whatever stands in your way, the front and rear bumpers for our Depth Finder build are precision-made to fit your Polaris RZR with no drilling or welding required.

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Dave Griffin Lead Prototype Tech SuperATV

“Our portal gear lift design is to reduce axle angle, and also gives you a 30% gear reduction to be able to run the larger tires, and still maintain stock performance of the engine.”