We don't just provide quality UTV parts and accessories, we provide expert knowledge. No matter your skill level, it is nice to have access to good advice. We are putting our years of experience building custom machines, racing side by sides, and manufacturing quality UTV/ATV parts right here for you on this page.

It doesn't matter if you are installing a windshield, using one of our REV 1 Tuners, or installing an off-road lift kit we know part of the fun is doing it yourself. Doing it yourself doesn't mean doing it alone. That is why each and every SuperATV part comes with detailed instructions but if you need more help, we hope you can find it here.

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SuperATV Mechanic working on a lifted UTV
At SuperATV we are known for our people, our process, our products, and above all, our expertise. We don’t just design and deliver the best aftermarket ATV & UTV accessories. We show you how it’s done.

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The Learning Garage

Axel Videos

How-To Install Rhino 2.0 Axles - Polaris RZR

Length 3:52:00

Take an inside look at how to install SuperATV's Rhino 2.0 Axles in both the front and rear of a Polaris RZR.

https://youtu.be/X2DxjysFbN4 2017-03-17

A Arm Videos

Fully Adjustable A Arm Install - Camber Explained

Length 10:09:00

How to properly install and adjust camber on SuperATV fully adjustable a-arms.

https://youtu.be/uuRdLfLtraY 2017-11-02

Bearing Carrier Videos

How to Install Bearing Carriers

Length 4:14:00

Watch and learn as we explain how to install one of our billet aluminum replacement bearing carriers on a Honda 400EX.

https://youtu.be/Op7RNNY1eYk 2011-09-21

Blowoff Valve Videos

How-To Install REV1 Blow Off Valve - Polaris RZR Turbo

Length 3:00:00

An inside look at installing SuperATV's Rev1 blow off valve with a rundown on how it works.

https://youtu.be/vCaJWAGz1YI 2017-05-02

Clutch Kit Videos

How to Install a Polaris UTV Clutch Kit Upgrade

Length 22:31:00

Learn from the experts in this video as Mickey shows you how to install a SuperATV REV 1 Clutch Kit on a Polaris RZR 900. This style of CVT clutch can be found on a wide variety of Polaris side x sides as well as other UTVs.

https://youtu.be/n3KbvJ9AMSc 2018-05-01 https://d1qlem0usjr5s.cloudfront.net/media/wysiwyg/cms_how_to/Honda-400ex-bearing-carrier.jpg

Differential Videos

Rapid Engagement Front Differential Install

Length 2:35:00

How to install SuperATV's Rapid Engagement Front Differential for the Can-Am Commander and Maverick.

https://youtu.be/TTeY-XqCKO8 2016-10-26 https://d1qlem0usjr5s.cloudfront.net/media/wysiwyg/cms_how_to/Honda-400ex-bearing-carrier.jpg

ECU Videos

Rev1 Handheld ECU Tuner Install

Length 4:56:00

Tune in to see how to install an ECU flash onto your UTV with SuperATV's Rev1 handheld tuner.

https://youtu.be/YljxG9muHBs 2017-06-17 https://d1qlem0usjr5s.cloudfront.net/media/wysiwyg/cms_how_to/Honda-400ex-bearing-carrier.jpg

Shock Videos

How to Replace Springs

Length 5:16:00

We use the Polaris RZR to demonstrate how to replace the springs on your stock ATV/UTV shocks.

https://youtu.be/XfMBSZCI5Io 2010-08-13 https://d1qlem0usjr5s.cloudfront.net/media/wysiwyg/cms_how_to/Honda-400ex-bearing-carrier.jpg

Sprauge Carrier Videos

SuperATV Sprague Carrier Kit Install

Length 2:35:00

The SuperATV Sprague Carrier Kit is constructed of Heavy Duty 7075 Hardened Aluminum and can withstand any torture you can throw at it. Installation is a breeze – ships completely assembled with cage, steel rollers, and springs.

https://youtu.be/mIZdu1H-GPE 2015-12-30 https://d1qlem0usjr5s.cloudfront.net/media/wysiwyg/cms_how_to/Honda-400ex-bearing-carrier.jpg

Winch Videos

Black Ops Series Winch Install

Length 2:17:00

Inside look at how to install one of SuperATV's black op series winches onto any ATV/UTV.

https://youtu.be/UfrgXscHDjE 2017-07-21 https://d1qlem0usjr5s.cloudfront.net/media/wysiwyg/cms_how_to/black-ops-winch-install.JPG

How to install a Winch

Length 7:53:00

In this video, we show you how to install a SuperATV 3500 LB winch on a Polaris RZR XP 900.

https://youtu.be/dE3f_OiYrfY 2011-04-27 https://d1qlem0usjr5s.cloudfront.net/media/wysiwyg/cms_how_to/Honda-400ex-bearing-carrier.jpg

Windshield Videos

How to Install a Flip Windshield

Length 8:03:00

How to install SuperATV's Flip windshields. Let Matt walk you through the process!

https://youtu.be/SuKC3H9Zhq8 2018-0e-28 https://d1qlem0usjr5s.cloudfront.net/media/wysiwyg/cms_how_to/Honda-400ex-bearing-carrier.jpg

How to Install a Fold Down Windshield

Length 4:20:00

Hear about the key benefits of a fold down windshield and let Tyler show you how to install one of SuperATV fold down windshields on a Polaris RZR XP 1000.

https://youtu.be/f4NyLXToekk 2018-03-27 https://d1qlem0usjr5s.cloudfront.net/media/wysiwyg/cms_how_to/Honda-400ex-bearing-carrier.jpg

How to Install a Full Windshield

Length 2:45:00

How to install SuperATV's Full windshield. Let Matt walk you through the process! Don't believe it can be done in less than a minute? Just watch.

https://youtu.be/ub6TDUku6x4 2018-04-18 https://d1qlem0usjr5s.cloudfront.net/media/wysiwyg/cms_how_to/Honda-400ex-bearing-carrier.jpg

How to Install a Half Windshield

Length 2:04:00

See what it takes to install one of SuperATV's half windshields onto a Polaris RZR 1000.

https://youtu.be/ZvhvrzflH_Y 2018-04-18 https://d1qlem0usjr5s.cloudfront.net/media/wysiwyg/cms_how_to/Honda-400ex-bearing-carrier.jpg


32 Must Have Upgrades for Every UTV Owner

We know you’re itching to hit the trails, rocks, dunes, or mud. Your new side by side is an investment, no matter if you are planning fun weekend trips or working on the farm. Are you ready to make the most of your new UTV? If so, here are 32 things that will take your machine and your safety to the next level. Some of our aftermarket suggestions are for fun, some are for comfort, and some are to help make sure you stay safe. All of them will help make your side by side uniquely your own. Read more...

A Guide to Choosing the Right UTV Windshield

Navigating the wide variety of windshield options available out there for your UTV can be a huge challenge. Well don’t panic! We’re here to clear up the jargon, lay out the pros and cons, and give you everything you need to make an informed decision. There are a wide variety of materials to choose from, so which one is best? Do you want acrylic? Polycarbonate? Or Lexan™? Do you need a coating? Which windshield material is strongest? It doesn't matter if you own a Polaris RZR, a Can-Am Maverick, or a Ranger there are some things you need to know before you purchase the right windshield. Let’s get started. Read more...


We're sure at some point, you have heard UTV enthusiasts talk about gear reduction. Many riders like to get in the seat of their ATV/UTV and punch on the gas without giving much thought to the hamsters in the drivetrain components that are turning the wheels. You shake your head and act like you understand, but really, it all seems a little fuzzy. After all, it involves math... and math sucks. Read more...

How To Change a Polaris Ranger CV Boot

To change a Polaris Ranger CV boot, you need to remove the axle from the vehicle. The process is different for the inner and outer boot but both require you to remove the CV joint. Always inspect the CV for water or dirt when changing a damaged boot. The rule of thumb is to check your CV boots for tears before and after every ride. That’s because a torn boot is a small cheap fix (SuperATV sells them for 25-30 dollars) that can quickly turn into a more expensive fix if left unchecked. A torn boot can let water and dirt into the CV. If you keep riding on it your CV will break and potentially lead to a damaged axle shaft. As soon as you see a tear in a boot, replace it! Read more...

Straight Talk About ECU Tuners and Clutches

uperATV has had its Handheld ECU Tuner available for a while now, and chances are you have some idea about what the ECU on your vehicle is and what tuning your ECU does. However, the true complexity of what is happening in your ECU before and after a tune may have eluded you. Like most, you're probably just happy knowing that you've got more horsepower and a higher top speed. If you want to know more about what they do and how we tweak them to get the very best performance (we won't tell you everything. We've got to keep some secrets, right?), feel free to read on and enlighten yourself. We have spent thousands of hours developing our ECU tunes for the last few years and have learned a lot through that period. Our ECU tuning team is made up of several guys that come from different backgrounds and bring very different and necessary skills to the table. We have electronic experts, clutch experts, engine experts, and programming experts who have all come together under SuperATV to develop these custom tunes. Keep in mind that altogether they have decades and decades of experience that they have all funneled into a single project. This is not a simple topic and this explanation will not be comprehensive, but it should prove interesting. Read more...

How to Lift a Polaris Ranger

If you are ready to get lifted, you are going to need a lift kit in order to get your Polaris Ranger off the ground. There are a variety of lift options for the Ranger. You can choose from shock spacer lifts, bracket lifts, big lift kits (5+ inches), and portal gear lifts. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages. Price is certainly a huge factor, but there are other considerations as well. Do you have experience in the garage? Which are the easiest to install? Which lift kit will give your Ranger the most clearance? If you’re willing to do the research to get the right product, your lift will take your riding to the next level. This article will help you get the details in order to help you get started. Read more...

Gear Reduction - A Quick Guide - How Portals Work

We're sure at some point, you have heard UTV enthusiasts talk about gear reduction. Many riders like to get in the seat of their ATV/UTV and punch on the gas without giving much thought to the hamsters in the drivetrain components that are turning the wheels. You shake your head and act like you understand, but really, it all seems a little fuzzy. After all, it involves math... and math sucks. Never fear, we are here to answer some common questions about this mystical force that lets your cousin ride like a pro, while you are getting winched out of the holler. We are going to help you understand why gear reduction is important, why you might need it, and how you can get it. Spend some time reading now, and you will be talking ratios and torque with the best of them. Read more...

UTV Owners Guide to Riding Street Legal

When you are ready to take your UTV from the trails to the street there are a few things you need to consider before making the leap. To make a UTV street legal, you will need the right tires, and the right accessories. However, there are a few things you need to do before getting your UTV ready for the road. Make sure to follow these steps and then read more below. No matter if you live in Kentucky, Texas, or California, in no time, you will be driving your side by side on the road legally. Read more...

What Windshields Is Best For A Polaris Ranger

There are a variety of windshields for a Polaris Ranger. You want to consider both the design and the material it’s made from when choosing a windshield. Glass windshields are the strongest and can be fit with a windshield wiper but are heavy and come as a full windshield. Polycarbonate windshields scratch easier but are lighter, cheaper, and can be found in full, half, and flip-out variations as well as some others. SuperATV has several varieties for the Polaris Ranger alone. Between full, half, flip, and glass windshields, you should be able to find the windshield that fits your lifestyle and ride style perfectly, and the breakdown is very simple. Live or work somewhere where it’s cold and rainy much of the year? A glass windshield with a wiper kit is probably the right choice. Live out in the desert where the breeze always feels good? Go for a half windshield. Live somewhere with seasons? You’ll want a flip windshield for sure. In fact, if you’re still not sure you can’t go wrong with a flip windshield. It’s by far the most versatile and the most popular. You’ll be hard pressed to find somebody who regrets buying a flip windshield. Read more...


Which vehicles do you manufacture parts and accessories for?

SuperATV provides aftermarket parts and accessories for Polaris, Honda, Yamaha, CFMOTO, Kawasaki, Arctic Cat, Suzuki, Hisun, Can-Am, Bobcat, Kubota and John Deere brands. Our parts and accessories are built for compatibility with a variety of models. If you are unsure if a SuperATV part or accessory will fit your particular UTV/ATV model, contact our team of customer support experts.

What goes into a SuperATV product?

At our headquarters in Madison, Indiana, our team of experts takes innovative ideas, and turns them into the UTV-ATV performance parts and accessories that fuel your adventure. From design, to engineering, fabrication, prototyping and rigorous QA testing, every member of our 160+ employee team is involved in our product development process.

We use the highest quality materials and are always on the search for better and more innovative materials. We strictly adhere to the latest manufacturing standards and we personally oversee every step of the process from concept to shipping to you. To that end we’ve invested in top-of-the line testing equipment to make sure what we’ve put together can take a beating. We put everything to the test on our SuperATV test track and out a various ride parks and events. If anybody’s going to break something, it’s going to be us before it ever goes on sale.

How are your products so much more affordable than everyone else?

When you purchase parts and accessories from SuperATV, you are buying direct. Buying direct means that we’ve cut out the middleman, and we’ve centralized all stages of product design, development, inventory, and shipment to our Midwest facilities. With SuperATV, there’s no upcharge for designer names and no unreasonable margins. We’re here to give passionate riders, us included, the best quality parts and accessories at the best value, guaranteed.

I'm a retailer, and I'd like to start selling SuperATV products

As a dealer of SuperATV aftermarket parts and accessories, your customers get top-quality products at unbeatable prices. To apply as an authorized SuperATV dealer, please visit our Dealers page. If you get authorized, you will join our worldwide network of dealers that help better serve our customers. We look forward to working with you.

What are the terms of your Axle warranty?

SuperATV Rhino Brand Axles (excluding boots) are warrantied to the original purchaser for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. SuperATV ADR Brand Axles (excluding boots) are warrantied to the original purchaser for a period of 60 days from the date of purchase. If either axle fails for any reason within 60 days from the date of purchase, SuperATV will ship a replacement axle free of charge. If your Rhino Brand axle fails after 60 days, but within the first year from date of purchase, the purchaser must pay a flat $50.00 replacement fee. In all warranty cases, the purchaser must make a warranty claim, and provide proof of purchase and breakage.

How do I make a warranty claim?

All warranties must have a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number. Also, we cannot ship a new product until a member of our SuperATV team has inspected the warranty item.

To make a warranty claim, please visit our Shipping & Returns page and complete the form to obtain an RGA number. For assistance, call toll free 1-855-743-342 or visit our Contact page. You will need to provide proof of purchase and proof of damage. Proof of damage will be deemed upon inspection, by first returning your item to:

SuperATV, Warranty Department, 2753 Michigan Road, Madison, IN 47250

Write your RGA number on the shipment box, and include your RGA number, proof of purchase, and any additional notes inside the shipment box. The customer is responsible for shipment to the SuperATV facility, and we’ll pay to ship it back. A member of our team will contact you within 24 hours of receiving the broken item.

With all warranty claims, standard shipping services apply unless otherwise approved. If you need expedited shipping, please communicate to the Warranty Department and we will contact you with expedited shipping rates. We recommend that you keep your tracking number and shipment information.

How do I use a coupon code?

SuperATV offers coupon codes from time to time for special discounts. Please refer to the individual ad for the coupon code to know what discount is offered. Coupon codes are entered during checkout and only one coupon code can be applied at a time. Remember, coupon codes are case sensitive.

What forms of payment do you accept?

For the convenience of our customers, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal, American Express and Affirm. SuperATV ensures that your privacy and payment is completely protected. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

What is your shipping & returns policy?

We provide free ships to orders shipped to the contiguous united states. All items are shipped from SuperATV here in Madison Indiana. We don’t guarantee shipping times, but we get most orders out the door same day. If you feel you have a shipping issue, please contact customer support.

Always inspect the quality of the product on arrival. If the item is defective due to manufacturing or shipping, please contact us immediately. If you need to return an item for any other reason please refer to our returns information page or contact customer support.